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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 28 Ekim 2014, Salı 17:17

Lost in South Korea in the sinking passenger ferry Found 6 Months Later

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South Korea 6 months lifeless bodies of passengers who died in the ferry accident occurred before 195 days after the ferry was found in the wreckage.

South Korea 6 months lifeless body of experienced ferry accident on the passenger who died before 195 days was found in the ferry wreck. Photo authorities lose their lives 300 people in his statement on the issue in the accident which can cause lost lifeless body , he said reached. 4. The officials noted that the wreckage found the lifeless body of women in the bathroom on the ground floor , the body said to be certain of not yet been reached and gender. Search and rescue authorities also indicate continued working , family members will continue to work as long as he wants , he said. Photo sank South Korea after a while on a school trip for the ferry at Sewol opened on 16 April. At least 295 people lost their lives in the accident, he lost 9 passengers. After the accident, South Korean Prime Minister Ching Hung-won, resigned upon reactions . In case recently started seeing prosecutors, the ship had demanded the death penalty for killing the captain and three crew members who leave the grounds first .

Lost in South Korea in the sinking passenger ferry Found 6 Months Later" comments for.


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