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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:08

Lost in the Nehir'l Related Claims New Van

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Van Gürpınar playing in front of their house in the town lost 4-year-old Lion River continued exploration work that day, he raised the claim that roam the neighborhood in a white vehicle.

Van news: Photo District of Kırkgeçit neighborhood resident river Aslan October 29, 2014 at 14.00 desks while then started exploration work in the disappearance of playing in front of their house , it was alleged that circulates a white vehicle in the day the neighborhood. temporary participating in Photo Search work Mr Yusuf village guards , fries sold in a white car that came to the village , and later said he was going to Masonry neighborhood. Bayar, \"Potato had 2 people buy the car , then they say that 3 people . We suspect it ,\"he said .
Mother Hatice Aslan , \"came a small child when looking for my daughter ,\"White came in a car , stood in front of the river. The river was put into the car , then download it again , \"he said to me. Then he disappeared. A little boy said to me. I did not see that car ,\"he said .
Father Erkan Aslan , showing the river's dress, \"I like this I've never seen a car. If Goren gendarmerie would be the definitive news , \"he said .
mother and father, on the other hand , found in yesterday's exploration of the river to be installed , he said .

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