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SON Dakika

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  • 23 Ekim 2013, Çarşamba 22:28

"Love Cry"was the premiere of the film

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Turkey Grand National Assembly Speaker Cemil Cicek,"Love Cry"attended the premiere of the film.

Speaking at a ceremony attended by a large number of lead actors and

, Flower, Kopenag Galatasaray football team before the match and wished success.

Flower,"Mr. Taşdikeni already know. Know more preceding his works. Minister of State in the slot that he had made with an array of family and neighborly relations in the subject area.'re Now watching since then. Believe that his or technology, after all these years, I have experience opportunities. Opinion liked it, I wish you success. bulgur pilaf, similar to lean insipid life without love. taste of what it is so far in life without love is no taste."she said.

stated that the film is a simple love story, the director of the film making and Mehmet witness whereof, said:"The story of the film is a love story, a love story, but we were a bit sad, a bit cracked here to donate more human values, self-sacrifice and people are people who find other values. relationships between two people not talking about just a simple sense. relations beyond the more emotional dimension, the human dimension comes to the fore."

Melih Selcuk

the lead actors in the"Movie on the name of"Love Cry"emotional movie. Designated say about love could not reach. because at the beginning of the movie is in love with someone else learns Cited marry the woman thinks. Atıf'ın outraged response is important here, not rebellion. Nowadays, it's hard to be one. wish probability of occurrence of such people, like myself, being as one of the I thought, and I wanted to possibility."he said

filming began in May 2013, was a five-week period in various districts of Istanbul. And for the film was re-edited many ruined space.

"Love Cry"was the premiere of the film" comments for.


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