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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 09:57

Love of Reading Age 73 But Unfinished

Love of Reading Age 73 But Unfinished
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73-year-old retired teacher living in Trabzon Kenan settings, read philosophy says that the next target of the third university reading .

Trabzon news: Photo 4 children setting , indicating that there was no other purpose than to gain information after this age, says that reading is very useful and enjoyable .
30 years of teaching life and then again for the college to begin stated that setting, \"After 30 years of teaching retired I've been to . My age 73. I graduated from Fatih Educational Institute Science Department in 1967 . I had no interest first, more reading , we have sent a little we had children alone after his retirement . then I had to be busy with something . I started me reading. Anadolu University in 2012. Open Teaching Faculty received a diploma , ending the Physics degree completion program education. then I gave intermediate education in 1-2 years. again I started reading the Department of International Relations outside my own branch in the exam and got much pleasure. after this age me read request and came ambition. Information I have no other goal than to win, not already 73 years old, a person may enter what is it nor do anything else , \"he said .
\"Reading is very beautiful as well as useful thing , \"said Settings \"you can get the information as you want, especially if you want in this open university you can go places . So I'd recommend reading those open education also enter part of the finishing somewhere. Very nice people learn things . Now I just have to read the philosophy request . I read Philosophy After graduating from the Department of International Relations , \"he said . Photo also save the settings that after this age occasional forgetfulness with age, advising young people to always read\"performance levels as forgetfulness starts dropped slightly . Read that such work if I finished university I would be very willing to youth . They work very well in order to get a job My advice to young people. Foreign language education they receive , they do license. From all sides need to be foolproof. If you do not have to get a job now, \"he said .

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