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  • 09 Temmuz 2013, Salı 17:33

LYS winner: Courses required

LYS winner: Courses required
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Undergraduate Placement Examination (LYS) Turkey MF-4 score in the 1st place Burak Mehmet Kaya, the Ministry of Education plans to remove the classrooms next year as needed, he said.

High School Student Special Adana Final Mehmet Burak

Kumar, Director of Education, Mehmet Ali Salvation, the school principal and his father, Ibrahim Kaya, Hakan Caner Stone COS visited the Governor Huseyin Avni.

rock here in the comments, lack of sufficient funds taking private lessons and school, private school is an option for students who can not see the desired interest noted. Rock, 'Such a test system, I think there should be an education institution. I saw the benefit of private school. I talked to my friends, they said they saw benefits. I believe such a system is needed tutoring."He said. Hacettepe

plans to choose from or representing the Faculties of Medicine Rock, will become clear in a few days the decision said. 5-6, indicating that the private universities seekers rock itself, 'to greet your money, come see you, he was with. Property not offer a figure. We did not talk a figure as scholarships. But you see."He said.

LYS winner: Courses required" comments for.


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