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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 16 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 01:47

Made 17 million students per course, first course, the bell rang Minister Hunter

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The first course of the academic year 2013-2014 Elementary School bell Etimesgut Cahit Zarifoğlu Nabi Avci ceremony attended by the Minister of Education rang.

He played by Hunter ring with

approximately 17 million students and 800 thousand teachers made per course. At the end of the ceremony, introduced for the first time this year, the Ankara Security Directorate General of Traffic Safety Platform shown by the representative of the student service rules. Was applied to the seat belt simulator for students and parents. This education and training will end in the first period 24 January 2014. Half Year holiday January 27, -7 s will be held in February 2014. In the second semester 10 S. will begin on February 2014.

Nabi Avci Minister of National Education, Ankara Etimesgut Cahit Zarifoğlu the 2013-2014 academic year, attended the opening ceremony İlkokul'nda. The program also Orhan Erdem Deputy Minister of Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education Deputy Joseph Large and Salih Çelik, Director of Education Kamil Aydogan Ankara, Ankara Governor Aladdin Yuksel and citizens were also found. Minister Hunter, met with folk dances. The program began with a reading of respect for the National Anthem and the school 8 Nature Yurdakul continued with a speech-grader. School 8 Beyza grader Sharp, Book of Memories by Charlie Rose Petal Zarifoğlu'na read a poem. Type Canan addressed to parents of students at the school made a short speech to students.

Ankara, 28 thousand 700 classrooms completed, indicating that more than half of the last 10 years, Ankara Education Director Kamil Aydogan,"you'll end up in 1-2 years the problem of Ankara's classrooms."she said.

2013-2014 Education Nabi Avci who wish to be beneficial for the entire country,"Books do not skimp on to your head as well. Reading to not lose your enthusiasm. Interest and ability to develop and our efforts are not wasted school time Unleash your success. You all I wish you success."he spoke.

more beautiful future Turkey wished to be the best way to carry equipment indicating that students Hunter,"compulsory education to 12 years in classrooms to increase productions, free book app mobile education, pensions and scholarships facilities, internet access, as well as numerous service model for the development of the most beautiful and the most beautiful way students work to improve school facilities."said.

Hunter Minister addressed the parents of children in traffic safety in school and in the provision of quality education, he said the major. Nabi Avci said:"T rafikteki provision of basic education to the dangers and how to ensure the safety of the students dealt with the issue of safety. Ministry of student services in order to improve the security brought the standard services. Service driver and guide, trained staff, vehicles to be clean and tidy, and the staff assigned to the appropriate service for the education of students with disabilities are important. would like our students do not neglect to wear seat belts for your safety."

2013-1014 academic year, the memory of the speeches, Ankara Governor Aladdin Yuksel, Nabi Avci opening bell was presented to the Minister of Education. 2013-2014 Academic Year bell ringing Nabi Avci first course, the students wished success to the new academic year. After the school bell theft Minister Hunter, toured classes.

Minister Hunter, General Directorate of Security Platform for Traffic Safety by the representative of the representation of students and parents-service rules for students 'Seat Belt Simulator' application examined.

Made 17 million students per course, first course, the bell rang Minister Hunter" comments for.


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