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  • 16 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 08:42

Made 17 million students per course

Made 17 million students per course
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2013-2014 Education-school year began today.

Approximately 17 million students and 800 thousand teachers

made per course. Indicating that the opening of schools, students were rejoicing friends would have starved.

primary education was first class and the kindergarten students adapt to a week before the beginning of the first course for the 2013-2014 Academic Year rang the bell today. After an interval of about 3 months per course was 17 million students and 800 thousand teachers. Students from the school who gardens in the morning, his friends would have starved. Running around the garden, playing with friends, students expressed themselves in waiting for a challenging marathon. Transfer students who miss friends, colleagues and teachers are some of the other very upset to go to school, he said.

then classes of activities in schools, students and teachers who had started the new academic year. Share the excitement of the students in the school yard with their children, some parents also waited for the first bell to ring.


Ministry of National Education (MONE), in the primary education, secondary education, distance education, secondary education and visually impaired sight, mental, visual impaired students in primary education , will distribute free textbooks.

Made 17 million students per course" comments for.


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