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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 18:19

Made in Austria without consulting with Muslim Response to Islamic Law

Made in Austria without consulting with Muslim Response to Islamic Law
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Austrian government in 2015 with the enactment of a new prompt \"Islamic Law\"was prepared .

Viyana news: Muslims'views and to put into effect without the approval of the requested draft law was a cause for debate in the country. Located in a statement on the subject
Islamic Community in Austria ( İGGİÖ ) President Dr. Fuat Arts in Vienna, Austria and Turkey at the center of institutions for the media at a press conference in Austria for an upcoming \"found in Islamic Law\"important statement Although the bill. In Fuat Arts said, \"We explained our need to Islamic law, the renewal and modernization . As a result, I explained that we are not satisfied with the Islamic law bill. Because I did not mean that it is completely contrary to that democracy and human rights violation of the principle of equality . We currently written in the current law substances are not present in all the other communities of the law . the latter can win impressively hundred years of project failure for the of the day's events . you will have to live a substance with it more though lacking wrong though here the Muslims. Muslims be happy when the whole community is here restless and that the unhappy is impossible. we live in this entire country . this is a social event . Our neighbors cry , we can laugh. we live in a democratic country. Austria has a very old history of their religious freedoms . we are considered as an example. in a country not to be taken as full rights there if Islam recognized. mosque my got my school to go back our rights in this Law and continuing problems would we say to all the authorities , \"he said . of Arts, stating that they also address concerns raised by the
differences, \"This is supposed to be the renewal of Islamic law, but other communities in that will be brought under this roof with the establishment of Alevi and Shiite communities. These communities under one roof in a house would mean living in such families is very different between them . Issues arising from these differences we live. We lived in the army. It was made for the Islamic Community of Bosniaks . Islamic law is not subsequently established their own communities in a way to resolve a law needs to be done . Now we say, for example, imam training . Is there training in the Alevism ? None. How do we grow in college? Or must be separated so . This is extremely simple. Alevis and Shiites satisfied from this law . They are pleased to be happy with us if their content . Then they changed the laws no matter the title of the Alevi and Shia Law , get them started . This is one of the all problems. The first five ingredients that not only appeal to Islamic law for religious communities to which plural plural spoken , was put to explain that he made ​​for religious communities . a few of the items that is certainly not about us. Although not located within the law . This bothers us again in the future may be problems. That is why we bring to the table to discuss it again and put it on modern Islamic law should have the right to give us three to five . Holidays chaplains , we do not want anything more . We want the guarantee of the rights .
We are making changes to the state constitution . We say to the government that we do not say yes to this bill as such . Emergence of Islamic law is separate congregation . We believe that the bill was made in error . We do not think they do in bad faith . We can fix this crash was an accident , \"he said . Photo İGGİÖ Advocate Institution Ümit Vural if the statement , \"We share our deliberations concerning the Islamic government's draft law to the relevant units . This is the bill stated that the Islamic Community in submissions to accept it that way. 3 main points we can collect our deliberations . Have proved the existence which is available since the first year of the Islamic Community to the newly formed communities under the same regulations do not find it to be recovering. Therefore, just as Catholics, Protestants , as in the Jewish community must come for a separate Islamic Community legislation . Basically, this draft is not accepted . Because of this draft will consist of a new Islamic Community , as well as the organized Islamic community. This is not acceptable . Islamic community wants a regulatory expressing their own rights and legal relations. The second draft of the substances we see in many parts unconstitutional . Contrary to the principle of equality , the state's independence, all the religions have the same distance against the state , which brings you the status of religious organizations involved in domestic ingredients and are incompatible with freedom of religion. Therefore, if we talk about the principle of equality predicts another important application of other laws to justify it. We see in this description . Therefore we can say that many substances unconstitutional , \"he said .


Made in Austria without consulting with Muslim Response to Islamic Law" comments for.


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