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  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 17:25

Made in Varto Mosque Construction Help Awaits

Made in Varto Mosque Construction Help Awaits
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I've Varto construction began in the district in recent months due to weather conditions and interrupted the construction of the building of mosques are waiting for help from charitable.

Muş news: I've Varto in the county in recent months, construction began and weather conditions due to the construction Search the mosque construction from charitable waiting for help.
Varto 46 years serving the Central Mosque yıktırılıp replace the construction of been initiated, in person can pray, mosques, 500 persons condolence home, mortuary and funeral washing place, Varto with attachments such as women in the house of condolence will be the first mosque construction was suspended due to the onset of the winter season. Making that statement on the subject Varto Mosque and Sustenance Association 2 President Remzi Hill"Building our seasonal conditions, due to the mandatory break. Winter because a brick at you put the campaign are considering making. Structural work this summer, planned to be finished, but the old mosque demolition for the end of Ramadan is expected to present the plan did not materialize. Our project Varto a first in will be. Ms. condolence house, fountain, large garden with a children's breastfeeding room, first there will be the structure of the county for many years to meet the needs that might be there. known as the town center, especially in the house of condolence shortage is exorbitant. crowded group when it comes to the interior of the all should come, and even sometimes funeral close to some of the places for the opening of escaping such tragicomic there are problems, respectively. All being well, they are completely be solved. Construction is currently the dome during the construction and the dome of six arches under construction is finished. course will appreciate the heavy a burden and a significant financial contribution required a project. Society the winter season this infrastructure to create a dense will spend. district and provincial level in the relief efforts will start. Donate regularly and be transparent with particular attention, and in this regard the district mufti all donations are informed. Moreover donate all of the bank accounts hospitalized receipt of a sample of benefactors will be given.
Meanwhile, our district is a very important service which we are considering investing significant financial sums depositing start causing vartolu philanthropic businessman Relationship Self gentlemen, the job since the beginning of primarily technical and vehicle assistance, including of us who have contributed our district Governor Tahir Hawk gentleman, partial plot aid, then the equipment with the help we provide support to our district Mayor Mr. Gülşen Chalabi and his friends, associations hears say the actual hard work contained in our district Mufti Mehmet Scouts with fellow colleagues, older age, despite a construction worker like night and day sometimes load discharges, sometimes guard, not like me at work in the kitchen serving window in association gratitude to my dear friends,"he said.

Made in Varto Mosque Construction Help Awaits" comments for.


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