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  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 10:38

Mado Ice Cream Produces 5 tons per hour

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Madon Atila Kanban Board Member , plants for production toured the Italian delegation , told the secret of flavor .

Madon Atila Kanban Board Member , plants for production toured the Italian delegation , told the secret of flavor .
European Union implemented by the Ministry \"City Twinning Program\", Kahramanmaras match Italy's Portici city delegation from the famous \"MADO \"ice cream are produced Yasar Ice Cream and Food Products Inc. Gaziantep, on the road facilities visited .
Kahramanmaras Deputy Governor Dr. Erkan Bulge , the visiting delegation located in Portici Deputy Mayor Aniello Pignalos , Portici city Finance Department Chairman Salvatore Nacarlo , EU Affairs Advisor Simone d'Antonio City Council Member Pasquale Sannino , Karamamaraş Commerce and Industry Chamber Board Member Siddiq lungs , MADOU Board of Directors Members were invited as guests by Atila Kanban .
guest delegation before Atila Kanbur'un \"How they grow so \"he asked. Kanbur , the 4th generation were told at the head of the business . Work on the basis of job love or explaining Kanber the unimaginable nothing can not be achieved underlined .
Authority seat behind the \"Today , try to sleep in the grave too will have time \"writing the Atilla Kanbur, witty personality and Italians laugh , taste the mystery explained . Italy and Turkey have in common ice cream stating that Kanbur, \"Rome and Kahramanmaras the name of the ice cream has become synonymous with . Rome's largest ice cream parlor on the door of the giant slab ice cream every language name writers in Turkey in Kahramanmaras tattoo ice cream is manufactured writer , \"he said .
Kanbur, Kahramanmaras ice cream with ice cream in Rome produced the most important feature that distinguishes the naturalness of Maras ice cream that attract attention , said:
\"Our ice cream is entirely natural ice cream . freezing our necessities goat's milk . most beautiful dairy buffalo, the sheep, the goat's milk is the only aroma, with the highest dairy goats are . because , goats selector is an animal. Each has found does not eat in the mountains rarest plants the place. How a mother and garlic when you eat milk smells and tastes escapes, for animals is like this. Goats our Maraş'ı our vast mountain in the most rare and endemic plants are fed with . \"
Committee, MADO'the guest in the community Kanbur, \"We fairs abroad in the freezing ago with our country , then our city then our brand advertising are doing,\"he said.
5 tons per hour PRODUCTION
Plants 24-hour production is done in the summer and carried 5 tons per hour production Kanban , indicating that the population compared to most of the ice cream according to research reported that production and consumption in Kahramanmaras . Kahramanmaras again compared to the population in consumption in Canada , America and England now reported.
\"Turkish ice cream is the inventor ,\"he would not , but the ice cream before Europe produced in Turkey , indicating that Kanbur, \"Because everything is the beginning of Central Asia'dr. Anatolia from Central Asia to Europe have passed through here . So we have produced ice cream in Rome before , \"he said
during the four-day trip , the delegation of Kahramanmaras Deputy Governor Dr. Erkan Bulgan , KMTSO Board Members Furkan Bayazıt Siddiq lungs , Mehmet Akif striker and Salih Zia Silver's , Istanbul Governor's Office of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Project Coordination Center Coordinator Tayfur Can the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Project Co-ordination Centre project Specialist Sinai was accompanied by the Hand .

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