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  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:06

Maganda were hospitalized at the feast of Lead

Maganda were hospitalized at the feast of Lead
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After Eid al-Adha prayers in Samsun hooligans are random gunfire by a pistol into the air on the balcony of the home of a person who was injured when the bullet hit .

Samsun news:
Samsun Police Department's \"Feast of maganda \"Despite all the measures taken against the feared event happened again . İlkadım district of Justice Quarter Nizamimülk Street Eid prayer attibutes home, a 48-year-old Hasan Otar , on the 5th floor balcony of his house in gunfire on the children from the balcony go inside he warned while his back pain felt . Check out the shot and realized that Hasan Otar , Gazi State Hospital under treatment were removed .
Samsun Directorate of Forest Management in the permanent worker Hasan Otar , \"the prayer came home in different places gunshots rise başladı.Bu Ranked balcony in my kids bullets, lest penetrator wanted them to . children when we get one on my back the pain I felt . Control when I hit that , \"she said .
Maganda also addressed Otar , \"Blessed feast day manually trigger that keeps the hooligans are these trigger stop with his hands rosary let them hold , \"he said .
İlkadım the Eid prayer in the neighborhood of the town of Mound returning home from the 34-year-old Jonathan Ayyıldız, enter the house when he heard a noise . Check back when the closed box van parked in front of the house to the front of the bullet casings del Seeing the police gave Ayyıldız . Fell to the ground in front of the car also finds the bullet from the gun Serhat Ayyıldız, maganda wanted to end terror now . Exclusion of liability react to Ayyıldız, \"are the hooligans by the gun gunfire said projectiles us the hit could another human being or living well. These events as soon as possible , should cease . Required for the fines should be increased ,\"he said .
Police both launched an investigation into the incident .

Maganda were hospitalized at the feast of Lead" comments for.


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