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  • 28 Nisan 2013, Pazar 02:39

'Magnificent Century' best drama, 'Karadayı' was named best drama series new season

'Magnificent Century' best drama, 'Karadayı' was named best drama series new season
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Antalya Television Awards were announced at the fourth.

the award ceremony, 'Magnificent Century' best drama, 'Karadayı' won the award for the best drama series new season.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and Antalya Culture and Arts Foundation (AKSAV) organized by the Television Awards held the fourth year was named the year's best. The Mardan Palace Hotel, the ceremony began with artists go through the red carpet. Then, all of you, and Peters Mine Brigade began the presentation ceremony. The opening speech of the ceremony, Mayor Mustafa Commons License, expects a lot on the success achieved in 4 years, you can read the eyes of artists, he said.

After the opening speech of the year honors award ceremony began with. This year's"Honor Award"Halit Kivanc news and sports announcer, newsreader Can Akbel and 'Grumpy Virgin' character is known for its Seyfi Dursunoğlu'na.

Karadayı overnight and were given awards for drama series Fabulous Century . Drama series category 'Best Actor' Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, 'Best Actress' award was the Virgin Mary Uzerli. On the other hand, with the speeches of the guests in the hall laugh Mary Uzerli, lamented the fact that Turkey is too long sequences.

'Best Comedy Series' award in the 'eighties' was a series. Comedy series category 'Best Actor' award for players in a series of powers Affairs Ahmet Murat Cemcir shared with the Rule. The award ceremony of the 'Magnificent Century', 'Jobs Powers' and' eighties' series three awards, while 'Do not be sad for me,' Karadayı 'and' Lie World 'series is divided into two awards.

4 Antalya Television Awards ceremony, the awards were as follows:

the best drama series:Magnificent Century-Star TV

the new season of the best drama series:Karadayı-ATV

Best Actor Drama Series:Kenan İmirzalıoğlu"Karadayı "ATV Drama Series

best supporting actor:Necip Memili"Dila Female"-Star TV

Drama Series

the Best Actress:Mary Uzerli"Magnificent Century"-Star TV

the Best Supporting Actress Drama Series:Zoot Tekindor"North to South"-Channel D

best director Drama series:Rain Taylan Taylan Durul"Magnificent Century"-Star TV

Drama Series Best Original Screenplay:Yıldırım Türker, Murat Uyurkulak,"Lost City"-Channel D

Best Drama Series Adapted Screenplay:Ercan Mehmet Erdem"O Behzat. Polisiyesi of Ankara"-Star TV

best music Drama Series:Patriotic Nail, Text Kalaç"Do not be sad for me"-ATV

the best comedy series:Eighties -TRT 1

new season best comedy series:Jobs Powers-Star TV

Best Actor Comedy Series:Ahmet Murat Rules and Cemcir"Powers jobs"-Star TV

the Best Supporting Actor Comedy Series:Okan Efforts"adult world"-Channel D

best actress in comedy series:Zuhal Topal"Europe Europe"-TRT 1

the best supporting actress in comedy series:Derya Karadaş"adult world"-Channel D

the director of the best comedy series:Selçuk Aydemir"Jobs Powers"-Star TV

Comedy Series Best Original Screenplay:Birol Güven, Murat Aras"eighties"-TRT 1

the best musical comedy series:Sign Trust, Aydın Sarman"eighties"-TRT 1

director of the best film series:Erhan Makar"Do not be sad for me"-ATV

artistic director of the best film series:Selim Keleşoğlu"Harem"-Fox TV

Entertainment program:Heber-Digiturk Türkmax

daytime schedule:All Taste-Digiturk Türkmax

our newsletter server:Morning-Channel D with Irfan Miller

news program:Reporter-Skytürk 360

culture and art program:When we say life-Skytürk 360

Magazine Program:Sunday Surprise-Show TV

Music program:Executive Difference-NTV

Fitness program:ground-TRT1

Talk show program:White Show-Channel D

Discussion program:Abbas Look Young with a strong-Channel D

Information and cultural content, game show:Who Wants To Be A Millionaire-ATV

content quiz show:I do not know my wife knows-Channel D

Documentary:Life Witness (Mothers of Uludere)-CNN-Turk 'Magnificent Century' best drama, 'Karadayı' was named best drama series new season of

'Magnificent Century' best drama, 'Karadayı' was named best drama series new season" comments for.


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