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  • 22 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 09:38

Magnificent Century refused to lead?

Magnificent Century refused to lead?
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Gokce Bahadir, Magnificent Century pushed backhanded sequence.

Gokce Bahadir, some players put up the Great Century series of agents to get a role in"My biggest dream,"said Ugur Yucel pushed to the opposite hand.

Celebrity Player Gokce Bahadir , the new season ' Magnificent Century aldı.Görüşmelere to offer to play Nurbanu Bahadir Sultan' harem wander the beautiful actress attended the same from language to language A waiting period has more to offer. Bahadir,"My biggest dream,"said Ugur Yucel 's' Remembrance ' sequence was delighted to learn what you want him to, and immediately accepted the role of Sultan Nurbanu proposed Bahadır'a etti.Gökçe Merve Bolugur snatched the young players.

lead role in HEM HEM ZAM

Gokce Bahadir, accepted the role of Sultan Had great week Nurbanu Century 12 thousand 500 take pounds. However, the new series of 20 thousand pounds a week and both co-star Uğur Yücel kazanacak.Gaziantepli describing the struggle of a family living in Istanbul,"starring Yadigar Ugur Yucel, Gokce Bahadir and Caner Cindoruk sharing. In September, the screen shots of the next series will begin next week.

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