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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 15:03

Mahmoud Hekimoğlu Kozan Reiterates childhood memories

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21th International Adana Golden Boll Film Festival to participate in activities that actor Mahmoud Hekimoğlu, also visited the birthplace of Kozan .

21th International Golden Boll Film Festival events to attend from Adana actor Mahmoud Hekimoğlu , place of birth cocoons visited .
Hekimoğlu, was born and raised in Kozan years of childhood passed Mustafa Kemal Street in the memories renewed . Hekimoğlu, \"my childhood where I live I've seen . Very touched. Too liked . Come and visit and to see it was very good . Nostalgia is happening to people. In the 1970s from Kozan were broken up. , I now wandering around the streets one day I was saying ,'Turkish cinema signed'll'I was saying . Allah to me has bestowed . many films in my signature. Producing and acting did. cinema all kinds of hero I took . worst cameras I have worked with . saucepan lids as the lights worked and movies have made . rather beautiful films we have signed , \"he said .
TRT an after work \"Nailing lives\"from filming said they Mahmoud Hekimoğlu, \"Love Look, his series pulled . then had surgery and health problems I have had . had an operation . Press bad and defamation of news took . thank God I'm very well and am healthy. treatment I continue. Impossible and denigrated and shortages will be a disease I have , \"he said .
Adana mind, known to the author, actress , actor, director stating that Hekimoğlu, \"All Adana'comes from. All trained people from Adana \"he said.
Mahmoud Kozanli to Hekimoğlu'nun was accompanied by the author Ayse Öztorun .

Mahmoud Hekimoğlu Kozan Reiterates childhood memories" comments for.


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