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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 14:25

Mahmutbey at the box office \"Exhaust Gas \"Control

Mahmutbey at the box office \
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Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urban Planning team , made the fight with 10 numbers exhaust gas control oil.

İstanbul news: The car stopped in the office held Mahmutbey application did not pass the audit subject .
Ministry of Environment and Urban Development , made the exhaust gas control where the fight is intense traffic in Istanbul with 10 number oil. Mahmutbey bus watching the box office , stopping trucks and vans Istanbul Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urban Planning team , made exhaust gas measurement . Ministry officials stopped the vehicle exhaust gas emissions within the legal limit passed the inspection for which the overshoot and he said there was no need any processing . Photo Control Maintenance among which team Ergun, said they would take legal action to which motorists are unsuitable exhaust value , \"a 2009 model the measured values ​​for that vehicle had been 2 and a half of history would be forced to apply legal proceedings . But the value we provide to continue without legal process because the normal exit . value models up to 2010 to 2009 are 2 and a half . value model after 2010 while in the car 1 and a half , \"he said . Photo prepared by the other hand the ministry exhaust gas emission control with gasoline and diesel in accordance with Article 10 of the quality of regulations motor vehicle exhaust emissions measurement stamp fee included KDV for 2014 35 £ , motor vehicle exhaust emissions , including the license fee is set at KDV £ 6 . Photo by teams still in the first 10 months of 2014 thousand to 8 thousand vehicles do not comply with the rules learned to cut penalty .

Mahmutbey at the box office \"Exhaust Gas \"Control" comments for.


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