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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 14:56

'Majoritarian method seat occupants do not have the right to advise pluralistic'

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Justice Minister Sadullah Ergün, President of the Bar Association responded to the text Feyzioğlu'na.

Ergun, majoritarian means those who own seat to seat, rostrum 'pluralistic advice' does not have a right, said:"We turned the parliament, then we will work on pluralism to spread in every area. Bar Association elections, the election of delegates from the pluralistic way from there to arrive proposal to bring them back. Hopefully, Mr. President, it also provides support for pluralistic offerings."she said.

Justice Minister Sadullah Ergün, following a ceremony to mark the opening of the judicial year, answered questions of journalists.

a journalist, President of the Bar Association, the appreciation of the text to the question of how the Minister's speech Feyzioğlu'nun Ergün, speaking at the ceremony, the President of the Supreme Court regarding the developments obtained the views of the judiciary participated.

President of the Union of Bar Associations of Turkey, especially the Supreme Court, and all the political institution of the text Feyzioğlu'nun criticized the Ergun,"Of course it does criticize. However, in making these assessments have to include ourselves in the evaluation. All institutions, has had its share of criticism, but here's indomitable unswerving Bar Association 'image appeared. pluralism that emphasizes critical perspective çoğunlukçuluğu revealed.'s true, they are pluralistic democracies is precious. But their seat to seat, Mr. President of the Union of Bar Associations, the majoritarian electoral system has come up with a. 79 provinces with the elections, with 50 percent of the list vote, in its general assembly delegates elected by all. And pluralism, a system that will never open up the door. those who attempt to change this system, the very largest opposition being present. Therefore, I would like to express it:Self-seat plurality lived in those methods, This lead us to the 'pluralist advice' do not have the right. Besides, it harbors within itself contradictory statements. On the one hand, to express the freedom of belief, on the other hand, criticized the decision to the Supreme Administrative Court, and the rationale for making the task of wearing a headscarf to swallow lawyers have expressed. A similar speech There are contradictions within itself. then we turned the parliament, we will work on pluralism to spread in every area. Bar Association elections, the pluralistic method to arrive at a proposal for election of delegates from someplace that will. Hopefully, Mr. President, it also provides support for pluralistic offerings.", he said.

"PROPOSAL FOR A NEW LAW ON CONTACT AVUKKATLIK imposed" a question regarding whether or not to interview bar associations Regulation

Justice Minister Ergun, replied:"B trail in the ministry for many years, our meeting with the presidents of bar associations, law proposals they wanted to insist on changing the law. Bar Association, unfortunately, so far, the new law is a law, Give us to pass into law. was a little small claims. But the new law is a law change in particular, to methods of selection of bar associations in the pluralistic election of delegates to us so far, has not brought any bar association management proposal."

"Giving perspectives discretion of the public"

Feyzioğlu'nun Ergenekon and Sledgehammer cases 'black spot' accuse reminded of the presence of the Minister Sadullah Ergün,"Of course, it is also a contradiction egregious. stroke yapanla, found on a coup attempt, has been muhattap impact, prosecuted, put on a par with those who have been executed in a how much is healthy, leave it at the discretion of the public's point of view."

an assessment of whether there is a question whether the Prime Minister or the Minister explained:"It was not an assessment of the Prime Minister on this issue."she replied.

Feyzioğlu'nun, 'Turkish-style Presidential System is intended for otoriterleşmeye' Ergun reminded that the phrase,"That assumption is not made out of anything. I will not do evaluations."she said.

Ergun, Feyzioğlu'nun establishing similarities between Egypt and Travel Park for his criticism of the,"I do not think has established a connection with Ora. showing only approach I agree with the negative impacts. the same time, Turkey, Egypt 'put on your impulse response management agree on the response."said.

'Majoritarian method seat occupants do not have the right to advise pluralistic'" comments for.


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