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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:08

Make the same nine-month pregnant woman was rescued from prostitution Birth

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Antalya , allegedly forced prostitution of women from eight countries one woman brought 13 suspects were referred to court.

Antalya news: 13 suspects 9 where forced-month pregnant woman into prostitution and learned that the woman's 3 days ago in the hospital to give birth. Photo Antalya Police Department, Public Security Branch Ethics Bureau teams, a notice results Serik district Kadri and Belek holiday centers, Konyaalti district of Denizli and addresses received physical and technical follow-up for 3 months specified in Istanbul .
three days 15 teams in the morning before they determine the home , work place 1 , 3 hotels , raided the 9 car. Concurrent realized foreign nationals identified as 21 women were rescued in an operation prostitution . Women and forced prostitution in an operation allegedly supplying ground Ma , VK , EU, İ.Ç. , MY , UO , AK, B.Ö. , HI , DAK , OBE , MA and female suspects M.Ç. taken into custody. Woman he was accused of this crime prior criminal record and has suggested that women play an active role in promoting prostitution . Still deceived with promises of jobs abroad said they brought the women of the suspects . Turkmenistan nationality of the suspects were determined to force 9 months pregnant 24-year-old uj'y into prostitution . It was stated that u.j'n rescued after giving birth . A 17-year-old daughter of the suspects were allegedly forced into prostitution . Antalya, Denizli and Istanbul were released after being detained 14 suspects received 1 expression . The 1 female 13 suspects were referred to court. 18 women foreign nationals , foreigners were deported by the Department.

Make the same nine-month pregnant woman was rescued from prostitution Birth" comments for.


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