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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 12:07

Makes mhp Düzce Management Task Distribution

Makes mhp Düzce Management Task Distribution
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MHP board Düzce distribution of tasks did .

Düzce news: 40-person management committee headed by Abdullah client has not held its first meeting .
Not Ask , said in a statement that they start for the 2015 general elections and said they create a strong government. Important one in Turkey not Ask , told through the process , \"AK Party in the 12-year rule ( dream come true ) expressed their motto. PKK received support , Kobani'yi transition with weapons from the peshmerga of the country's territory , martyr funerals dream has come true. The day will come , doings of power accounts one by one to ask , \"he said . task allocation in the new board came together with
the press were as follows:Photo Omar little ( acting Chairman ) , Nusret Özsoy ( vice president in charge of organization) , Dursun Can ( General secretary ) , Okan Fireproof ( acting Chairman ), Yasar Hammer, Oguz Cakir ( Treasurer ), Erol Kilic, Ugur Acar, Muharram Young, Ali Ihsan Ender, Oguz Özyigit (Media and youth officer) , Serdar Güler, İlhami sharp, Aydin Dursun ( NGO and responsible for local administration ) , Onur Özen ( Law vice president responsible for the works) , Mustafa Kurt , responsible for Hülya Ersoy ( Female arm), Nuran Treasurer (assistant responsible for the Women's Branch ) , Sibel Barlas ( responsible for public institutions ), Hussein Forget ( Reconstruction and the environment responsible ) , Met Taşören ( responsible for the selection work), Keramettin Bashir Ahmed Çakar ( responsible for public institutions ), Hasan Dursun, Reverend Bright , Abraham Pak, Mustafa Egypt , Oktay foreman , Ozcan Akyuz , Orhan Koca, Imran Eryakal of John Kalt , the NİZAMETTİN Topaloğlu ( chamber of Industry and responsible for the organization) , Janberk Özcanoğl (responsible for the financial affairs ) , Arif Yilmaz, Ilhan Aktürk , Victory Batra, Tariq Koçel (R \u0026 D manager) , Ali Sanli .

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