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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 16:01

Makes Toys for children from incoming Kobani'yi Siblings

Makes Toys for children from incoming Kobani'yi Siblings
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The central district of Mersin Municipality Mediterranean IST Women who participated in the courses organized by the Center children , who came to Turkey to escape the war in Kobani'yi and made ​​toys for guests is that the driver of the brothers.

Mersin news: Photo Mediterranean According to a written statement from the municipality , whether the Women's Center's students who attend various courses in the solar neighborhood, escaped from the war in Syria Kobani'yi took refuge in Turkey and staying in camps in Sanliurfa Suruc training under the guidance of experts to be sent to his brother's toys have prepared with their own hands . Handcraft toys will be distributed to children in Suruç by IST Women's Center officials. Be sent between games dummy rods from children , spoon puppets , rag dolls as toys , as well as puzzles , matching cards , sensory blanket and placed in the tutorial toys concept form . The Photo Center Kopani providing information about the work to public educators Gulbahar Gözel and Münevver the product family fled war in Kobani'yi supplies from Mersin, said that they found shelter and assistance for various needs such as clothing . The center hand in hand with the students course ist stating that they produce a variety of toys to be sent to children who are in camps in Suruç officials, to please get a little bit of children with these toys , they also trainees children also said they aimed to consolidate the spirit of solidarity .

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