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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 14:16

Mal Hatun Mosque is organized around

Mal Hatun Mosque is organized around
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Bursa Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dundar, Akpinar landscaping work carried out around the neighborhood viewed Mal Hatun Mosque.

Construction was completed

visiting Mal Hatun Mosque associations Dundar, talked to citizens, listened to the problems. Osmangazi read through the streets, the problems of citizens, listening to the requests and suggestions of individual Dundar said,"We came into office from the first day, our people, as well as take care of them showed to be intertwined. Osmangazi projects we have implemented all their requests and suggestions 've made."she said.

Mal Hatun Mosque was opened for worship Akpinar Quarter Dundar said landscaping work will be completed as soon as possible, said :"B follows the demands and wishes of our people, every assistance in evaluating the possibilities are done in accordance with . schools almost all of the landscaped garden, a sports field and in many different fields, such as paint in aid. schools, as well as for the beautification of the mosques, great efforts. Mal Hatun Mosque in and around the municipality as a perimeter wall, three separate entrance, courtyard arrangement making arrangements and hard floors.complete this work as soon as possible, provide our mosque to become more beautiful and safe."

Mal Hatun Mosque is organized around" comments for.


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