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Malatya Amateur Football League Division

Malatya Amateur Football League Division
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Malatya Amateur Division 1 Amateur Division matches at the end of the first week in Major League Soccer is Demirsp in Group B Group's leading position in the Castle Youth Association.

Malatya news: Malatya Amateur Division 1 Amateur Division Major League Soccer in the first week matches end in Group Demirspor, in Group B Castle Youth Association in the lead's.
League first weekend in Group Demirspor, 3 points and 7 goal difference, with the first took place. Group 3 points with a Çatyol Belediyespor 3 goal difference, the second, one goal difference, with the third, Tecdesp while the fourth ranks.
In Group B, the Castle Youth Association 3 points and 3 goal difference at the summit is located. Malatyaspor 2 goal difference with three points of the second, with one goal difference Orduzusp ranks third.
Malatya 1 Amateur Division Major League Soccer in the second week of the program are as follows:
1st November Sunday Yeşiltepe Stadium 10:00 Tecdesp the-Telekomspor, 12:00 Sanayisp-Konak Belediyespor, 14 00 O atyol Belediyespor-Demirspor.
Orduzu Pinarbasi Stadium 11:30 Girma main municipal Silkroad-Pavement Strength, 14:00 Orduzusp the-Dogansehir Belediyespor.
Yesilyurt County Stadium 11:30 Yesilyurt Belediyespor-Adaf Kartalspor, 14:00 Castle Youth Association-Malatyaspor.
Balaban Stadium 13:00 New Balabansp is-Battalgazi Belediyespor.

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