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  • 28 Ekim 2013, Pazartesi 15:33

Malatya is preparing a film festival to the fullest

Malatya is preparing a film festival to the fullest
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4 Malatya International Film Festival will begin with the opening ceremony on November 15.

Vasip Sahin Governor of Malatya Malatya Mayor Ahmet Cakir, the Teachers Malatya Governorship coordination meeting organized by the Foundation for Promotion of apricot Research and Development and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Euphrates Development Agency, and the Municipality of Malatya Inonu University the details of the film festival supports shared with journalists. Accordingly 4 Malatya International Film Festival will premiere contestant movies and Turkey, especially the masters of international film screenings, documentary screenings, recent examples of independent cinema, our country and the world, a total of 136 films will be shown under headings such as shorts. Many of the impressions made with the participation of the director and the actors. Screenings will take place after the interviews. Film seçkilerinin, as well as workshops, exhibitions and panel discussions Malatya and cinema will enjoy the festival.

Congress and Culture Center will be held on November 15 in Malatya excited to begin the festival opening ceremony will take until November 21. Serhat Mustafa Kilic and undertaken at the opening ceremony hosted by Tom Malatya successful artist Ayse Mehmet Erdem pleasant moments in the songs, the audience will experience.


Malatya International Film Festival each year starting from the first year, the cinema continues to provide a great service names in the roll of honor. Turkish women that's close to him, the cinema's most beautiful profile 'with the Reverend titled Nur actress, starring in films' good-hearted man 'characters winning the love of the people with the artist Ashraf babacanlığı Kolchak' Yeşilçam'ın memorable Jonu 'Murat Soydan and Turkish cinema' European face 'Filiz Akın 4 Malatya International Film Festival 'will be the owners of Honor Award.


International festival as an event announcing the name of the east and west meet. Palestinian director Rashid Masharawi the festival this year and the Croatian film and theater actor, theater director, musician Rade Serbedzija names are deemed worthy of the honor award.

buy the refugee camp in the Gaza Strip was born in 1962 Masharawi, 1993 In his first film, 'Curfew' won the award at the Cannes Film Festival, UNESCO, and the second film, 'Haifa (1996) had its premiere in Cannes Film Festival. Rome, Barcelona, ​​Jerusalem, Egypt and Tunisia in 2008, as well as many film festivals, award-winning director and acclaimed big screen as shown in the film will be released in Malatya Leyla Birthday special notation. During the demonstration, which will take place in the audience, the audience after the movie Interview with Rashid Masharawi do. ​​

directed by Milcho Manchevski 'Before the Rain' film recognized in Turkey, and is currently living in Hollywood in 2011 Rade Serbedzija'nın Prefabricated 'My Name Li' movie will be released in Malatya special notation. Rade Serbedzija will take place in the audience at the premiere in an interview after the movie will be screened.

in the preparation of the festival program, an honorary award given to artists and members of the jury in determining the film critic Alin Taşçıyan, Burçak Universe, Inspire Küçüktepepınar, director Jennifer Yorgancıgil, lecturer Hülya Uçansu, researcher and producer Sword Hosni Hussein, Ihsan Kabil, director and producer Osman Alkan'dan Nazif Bronze and researchers supported the Advisory Board.

the best film of 75 per thousand PRIZE MONEY

films at the festival, which is considered the national long contest category 'Best Picture', 'Best Director', 'best-case scenario ',' Best Actress', 'Best Actor' branches compete for prize money and the crystal apricot. National and international feature film competition short film contest in the category selected in the category of 'best film' award as well as the prize money to the owner of the crystal will be apricots.

award-winning films on the evening of November 21 will be announced at the awards ceremony held in Malatya Congress and Culture Center. The best films will be rewarded with 75 thousand.

could watch ALL MOVIE TICKETS Discount

4 Malatya International Film Festival, as well as film screenings each year fares were symbolic figures. Located in Malatya Park Shopping Center located in the center of Malatya Avsar Green Cinemas Cinemas and films will be screened 3 per student fares, full 4 € , respectively. Malatya Inonu University Turgut Ozal Congress and Culture Center, and barrier films will be shown Cultural and Congress Centre, in the short and documentary films can be watched for free.


Mişmiş with the festival since its inception (Children's Film) barrier film screenings and will continue this year as every year, free of charge, and those impressions will take place. Arabic for Syrians two movies in Malatya city also special screenings izletilecek container.

for the visually impaired, is not dialogue scenes are depicted by a narrator, the voices within the movie for the hearing impaired is given a special silver screen movies with subtitles to the representation within the festival program. Countries of the Syrians in Turkey because of the civil war in Lebanon, Egypt and France taken Halim Caramel is made to follow movies.

4 this year, under the coordination of Malatya Governorship Once held in Malatya Malatya International Film Festival screenings for the first time this year to more than 13 district. Free screenings will take place in two sessions a day to do.

4 Malatya International Film Festival this year, as every year, with a selection of international film draws attention to the competitor out of the films. The Middle East, Malatya and film lovers will meet with Azerbaijani and Italian cinema festival, shown at international festivals and received awards in size seen in the Sundance award-winning films as well as films from Metro Manila and Wajma-An Afghan film Love Story is the representation of the east and the west, and bringing the world cinema in Malatya or brings.


Kemal Sunal festival, themed events and the memory of the late artist referred to Malatya. Exhibition held in the memory of Kemal Sunal irreplaceable master name and panel discussions will be yad.

Malatya International Film Festival last year, 38 years after the Chaos students coming together at this time, to tell Sunal come together and enact memories. Prefabricated Kemal Sunal Tosun Pasha, and the year 1999 under the theme of propaganda films in the 1977 festival, this year, the National Feature Film Competition in memory of Kemal Sunal movies are a popular vote. Kemal Sunal movies worthy of recognition as a result of the voting in the People's Choice Award, will be presented by the family Sunal.

part of the activities Kemal Sunal, Sunal prepared valuable player Roses exhibition of films during the festival week wore clothes and accessories that are used in Malatya Park Mall 'will be released as well. Sunal family also held a discussion with the participation of Malatya Park Mall. Film historian and researcher Ali Sekmeç'in library private albums Kemal Sunal Kemal Sunal Photo Exhibition and Photo Exhibition of Chaos students Malatya Park Mall to visit during the festival.


master artist who died in October of this year to commemorate Kurtiz Tuncel, 4 Malatya Film Festival in 1978 and directed by Zeki Ökten Prefabricated starring veteran actor Tuncel Herd will also be shown at Kurtiz. Also in 1995 he directed Mehmet Badr Eryılmaz'ın cinema and a Full Moon movie will be shown in the display after the memory of veteran actor and film crew Director Mehmet Yılmaz Kurtiz viewers to share memories with. Workshops and training seminars to be held in the names veteran cinema movies get the opportunity to approach a step further.

master directors of world cinema, the highly anticipated latest movies' Panorama ',' Masters Anthologies ',' National Short Film Panorama ',' Foreign Short Film Panorama ',' National Documentary Film ',' Midnight Madness', 'Barrier Films' will be shown under the heading of 137 film premiered in Malatya, Turkey will take 20 of them.

Malatya is preparing a film festival to the fullest" comments for.


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