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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 10:05

Malatya Trade Exchange Building Buys

Malatya Trade Exchange Building Buys
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Malatya Commodity Exchange ( MTB) purchased the building.

Malatya news: Mtb'n was reported to be moved to a new building in the coming days .
MTB Chairman Gursel Özbey and Speaker of the Parliament Akif BAŞTÜRK , Niyazi Misri Quarter Ring edge of Malatya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MTSO ) gave information about the buildings they get started near Nalçacılar .
MTB Chairman Gursel ÖZBEY, \"When we came into office in the 2013 elections , we claimed to make a stock exchange building worthy of Malatya. the accredited , integrated with world stock markets , which may be the product we promised to members of Malatya and do a good market to strengthen the physical structure of the way to borsacılıg \"express was used .
\"Malatya best place we bought a building on the edge of the ring road in the center of the banks. we do interior renovations to make the stock worthy of Malatya building. Hopefully soon make the modification, we will have gained a new building in the stock market ,\"said ÖZBEY \"worthy of Turkey and Malatya in 2023 we will make a stock exchange building ,\"he said . ÖZBEY, \"We are helped in this regard , the Board of Directors , I would like to thank the chairperson and members of \"the said.
MTB Speaker Akif BAŞTÜRK , \"the account is not Malatya greater need for such institutional buildings . Commodity Exchange available buildings were not adequately represented our Malatya and exchange. to be a new building, Malatya, development , and thus to be preparing the ground to be made here of apricot process in the future I believe that provide greater services. I hope you will be auspicious auspicious of our building , \"he said .

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