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  • 01 Temmuz 2013, Pazartesi 09:28

Male baby do the Nile Erkoçlar

Male baby do the Nile Erkoçlar
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Nile Erkoçlar'ın doctor said. Erection problem. Research is being done abroad for se.ual

Dr. Nile Erkoçlar'a player who se.-change operations. Akınoğlu said:We have not yet performing surgery for genital. Stem cell therapy seems to be with the children.

Oyunucu Erkoçlar Nile, se. change operations are discussed for a long time. One of the most curious than those of children olamayacağıydı Erkoçlar'ın. Erkoçların doctor questions about se.-change operation and later Op. Dr. Akınoğlu Hanifa answered. Journal of Aesthetic Akınoğlu FBM speaking, a surgical intervention for se.ual Erkoçlar'ın breasts, but more yapılmadığınıı received, he said.


Akınoğlu surgery in the world for different applications, indicating that se.ual, the techniques applied in Turkey 'feeling remains weak Status, said:"If I make se.ual or.ans and tissue for the operation of the transmission of seeing the teachers in Europe, but I plan to use the tissues in that area. Tissues of the genital area is used, the more likely to be feeling.


If you are satisfied söylüyorlarmış used tissues in the region. Arm and leg operations in the track that is much lower than the probability of being satisfied. When we look at the issue of making children, stem cell source in the world in this regard seems to me that a solution be found. As part of the erection of the arm and leg bones have to put a small amount into the tissues that we received for the erection of a permanent status if there is such a thing. During a normal erection in men expect it to be just like the dream of se.uality becomes an expectation."

Male baby do the Nile Erkoçlar" comments for.


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