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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 16:04

Maltepe traffic accidents:6 injured

Maltepe traffic accidents:6 injured
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Maltepe, six people were injured in traffic accident that occurred in the same family.

driver trapped in the car, fire crews were rescued. The wounded were transferred to hospitals in ambulances environment.

The accident occurred on the connection path Bakkalköy. According to information obtained, İ. G. management 35 OR 658 plate on the van looking out of control. Burhan Toymar watching the direction of the truck lane to the management of Sancaktepe 35 OR 658 plate hit by a car. Burhan Toymar, returning the car shakes scrapped due to the impact, the car and learned that the same family of Muhammad Ismail, Erhan Cemil and Samet Lark injured. The injured were taken to hospitals in the surrounding area from the ambulances to the scene. Burhan Toymar squeezed from the driver trapped in the car by removing the fire crews were delivered to health.

I. After the accident, the lorry driver. G. taken into custody and taken to the police station. Investigation into the accident has been initiated.

Maltepe traffic accidents:6 injured Maltepe'de traffic kazası:6 yaralı

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