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  • 22 Temmuz 2014, Salı 17:06

Man-Der Ended Summer School

Man-Der Ended Summer School
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Manisa Research Association (Man-Der ) by the'Let's Learn amused with the slogan \"drop and 5-week summer school ended .

Manisa news: Manisa Research Association (Man-Der )'by Entertainment:Let's Learn with the slogan \"drop and 5-week summer school ended .
Course participants 12 students Falls Plaza in a ceremony participation certificates were given . Ceremonies students symbolic Kaaba around seven times circumambulation made . Students and Quran-i Kerim learn to read , they also knowledge on religious issues have owned . children's summer holidays at its best ratings for a 5-week summer schools voicing Man-Der President Saban Mertyürek , \"The main purpose of the Qur'an'described by the Quran as Allah-i teach and God-fearing , religious towards his fighting spirit in our course this year , which train the next generation a sample of 120 students were trained . 90 percent of our students have passed the Koran . \"He said,
only the beginning of the summer school is to learn the Qur'an Mertyürek the President noted ,\"basic duty to parents and you , the Qur'an is the primary source of our life brought into God's propitious to expect from people who worship the creature to train a generation to be conscious . It was established and has continued to operate on the basic motto of our association , the new school will continue to work during the period of training , \"he said .

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