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  • 09 Temmuz 2014, Çarşamba 15:44

Manavgat Water Outages

Manavgat Water Outages
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Antalya's Manavgat district on the high floor home to some of the citizens reacted to the emergence of water .

Antalya news:
citizens living in the neighborhood of Manavgat, Butchers , Butchers Church gathered in front of the houses on the higher floors reacted to the emergence of water . In the hands of'our water'touch'and'Water cuts Kasaplar's fate can not be'written'carrying placards women and men the residents in the neighborhoods of the water shortage elimination of the authorities to task called .
Months, the parish water starved , indicating that residents Saim İyiol , \"on the neighborhood 8523 street and up ( Turkish Bel Aninamor right ) significantly thirst are experienced . 8523 street and lower water cuts are exposed to . Officials our problem throwing hand , and for a moment before resolving to expect . neighborhood as mağduruz , \"he said .
in the neighborhood two years water outage issue argues that residents of the neighborhood Emin Günay the \"election time our doors playing political y want to see us . election time our side come want to vote all party officials here I am addressing our voice Hear our water touch . our water cut . Ramadan day ablution water from elsewhere to fill're going . go to the shower water is 5 people in Kilogram'lık thermos're buying , \"he said . Last year, the month of Ramadan 1 month ago in neighborhoods waters cut the start of Ramadan ends with the cuts disappear , indicating that residents in Selma Tiger of \"Ramadan misery was implemented. Again this year in the same manner during Ramadan, wash dishes we with buckets basin with water are filling . Shower will take , ablution will take we can not find water . 2 years are grappling with the same problems . \"


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