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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 16:56

Manavgatl Bag Law Information Seminar for Accountants

Manavgatl Bag Law Information Seminar for Accountants
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Antalya's Manavgat district Public Accountants and Financial Advisors Chamber ( Masmo ) by the accountant to address the \"Bag Law Information Seminar\"as a speaker SSI Antalya Province deputy director Adam Spring Grand Manavgat Tax Office Manager Husrev Head and Vice President Ali Yalcin joined .

Antalya news:
Manavgat Tax Office Manager Husrev Head and Vice President Ali Yalcin seminar Revenue Administration by the 6552 Law on the SSI Antalya Deputy Provincial Director Adam Bahadir the Great in 6552 numbered Employer Debt Structuring related to chamber members informed .
Masmo President Nezihe Özgenç seminar at the opening of his speech , \"as you know, 6552 No. Omnibus Law primarily at professionals , including all the millions in Turkey payers of interest law. seminar We consist of three parts ,\"he said .
Manavgat Tax Office Manager Hüsrev Top \"In fact, the 6111 law an item from a very different thing does not bring . bit more constrained situation. But the tax amnesty excessive created an expectation because a lot of people are showing interest . We are here today to you more than a little general again, and the tax office with this law in terms of communication or problem of mutual mostly working environment we create we wanted. a presentation rather than working sessions as we think, \"he said.
Omnibus Law known as 6552 by Law No. 5510 law made ​​arrangements and primary structuring which provide an overview Provincial Director of SSI Deputy Adam Bahadir the Great , the Omnibus Law made ​​in 3201 numbered abroad to debit the law changes in the birth of borrowing , primary earnings base changes in the primary structuring issues and gave information .
Notaries Union of Turkey on behalf of the Registered Electronic Mail Notification presentation engaged in electronic transformation Integration Information (E-dep IT ) Turkey Director of Sales Robust Colak , the \"Registered e-Mail Address shortening KEPT 7201 law No. 7 in accordance with Article companies be required to obtain a PEP address. So e-mail address . This differs from the standard e-mail address is; every email you send notarized evidence or bears . So formality carries . This application debut purpose of public companies will send notifications related to thought , but people cap acquaintance , PEP addresses sit at the necessity as well as the companies, their daily tasks easier, notary rallying to reduce a very important service turned out to be , \"he said .
Turkey the 35 provinces representing companies that provide services to Colak, said:
\"It is a legal requirement of the application of Article 7201 of 7 was added in 2011 . At the same time the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 to No. 18 in the law , how the law regarding notification if you have all entered into legal literature . Companies to make a notification via E-Mail Address is required. In Turkey in 2011 , after the publication in the Official Gazette and entered into force on 19 January 2013 year . One way companies have been gradually give priority to institutions that were measured and were obligated to companies . The most recent past June 2014 , promulgated in the Official Gazette of Article 9 has arrived. This material has not been published yet , but the content of the regulations in Article 7 of principles and procedures of Article 9 notwithstanding the actual content of the fight against terrorism within the framework of company law or not. Private institutions and organizations must take all of the PEP address has arrived. PEP incoming mail to this address with no chance of escape no one's notice . I'll explain these issues to friends these days . Head mounted on the topic I will try to answer the questions . \"


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