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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 18:18

Manisa 7 years 3.5 Million Grant Support Machine

Manisa 7 years 3.5 Million Grant Support Machine
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Manisa Provincial Directorate of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Support Programme for Rural Development Investments in the garden under the Machinery Equipment Distribution Ceremony was held.

Manisa news: Manisa Food , Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Director Hasan Çebi's hosted the ceremony Manisa Governor Erdogan Bektas also attended.
Manisa Food , Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Directorate of Rural Development Investment Support Programme, Manisa throughout 2014 in the machinery and equipment application whether , signing a grant contract to investors began to deploy machinery and equipment . The project in 2014, 7 thousand 147 pieces machinery and equipment the time of application , 730 machine equipment program , taking 686 investors and grant agreement was signed .
Rural Development Investment Support Programme Manisa in 2014, 3 million 481 thousand 416.07 AUD grant appropriations allocated indicating that the Manisa Food , Agriculture and Livestock Provincial Director Hasan Çebi grant support will be given in groups of investors sorted by the Ministry , the provincial agricultural area, rural population , agricultural production value and socio-economic development index criteria determined in accordance voiced .
Manisa in 2007, since the applied machinery Equipment Purchases supporting project for the year 2014 by the end of 4 thousand 919 machine equipment of the project to be scheduled , and 4 thousand 620 the manufacturer of the grant contract signing said Çebi , \"Rural Development Investments supported under the program ; natural resources and environmental protection taking into account , in rural areas, income level , raising agricultural production and agro-industrial integration to ensure that small and medium-sized enterprises , supporting agricultural marketing infrastructure development , food security, empowerment, rural areas, alternative sources of income creation , ongoing rural development projects increase the activities and rural a specific capacity building in the area is aimed at ensuring that . With these projects , the majority of our province of manufactured products processing, packaging and storing making farmers and the country contribute to the economy made ​​especially to be applied and implemented from the European Union the use of funds for capacity building, \"he said.
Çebi , Machinery Equipment Purchases grants under the base project of the amount by 2014 to 51 million 903 thousand 217 TL is paid and the grant of 23 million 678 thousand 716 TL is added .
the speeches after the Manisa Governor Erdogan Bektas and members of the protocol support awarded to manufacturers machinery and equipment delivered .


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