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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 17:07

Manisaspor-Orduspor Then the Match

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PTT 1 League Manisaspor in week 9 , the field of Orduspor'u took an important 3 points 1-0 .

Manisa news: Photo after the match Speaking at a press conference Manisaspor coach Dilaver happy, \"After a long break, we found at least morale by winning a game. We came this also moraliyle the Cup match game. He delighted because we get a result in morale . played a very difficult match . Now you have not already easy to match in this league . by this struggle every day , fighting to win. I had a bit of deconditioning in our course footballer him are trying to be slowly loaded in a specific place . Now it was also an advantage . this two-week gap in a little more work fitness we also will be able to enjoy an adequate level . this was our in favor. we won the match by 6 points maybe not 9 points a game. very important one in the moral sense . Goals do not eat our another matter. Hopefully after some more fighting , by fighting , our team , is worthy of our Manisaspor'u We will try to remove the place , \"he said .
GÖKHAN SAZDAG of: \" was very important for us the Photo Manisasporlu players Gokhan Sazdag the \"Orduspor match to 6 points a match as we looked . It was very important for us . 6 is a match we did not win. We've worked hard on weekdays. We knew this would happen because we believed . For us it was very good. I hope the next match to be prepared in this way , the same results will continue the same scores. We are where we deserve. \"He said .
Stating that they struggle with a system that does not meet Sazdag of them in the previous match , \"Before we were playing with a system that did not fit us . We were playing behind waiting. Now we have the first 15 minutes of continuous presses push ahead our teacher instruction . This has caused him to lose the ball consistently opponent. We also constantly ahead of the game because we meet we've checked . We were eager and insistent , \"he said .
On the question of how to evaluate a journalist called to Sazdag of Hope National Team said:
\"I thank you for what they see worthy of me there . Now I think the more promising up national hopefully later. There are among my plans . \"Photo Taner FLOOD: \" TODAY FOR THE FIRST TIME I SCORED EATING IN THIS LEAGUE \"to attend the press conference due to go yet Photo License but the journalists outside the stadium answering questions Manisaspor coach Taner Flood said, \"We did not win for a long time . There was intense pressure on the team. I also got us a while. First, we need to raise our tempo. In this match we saw it. Children have raised a very good pace . Today they so wished , they were very religious . This match was a match to 6 points . We eat goals in the league for the first time today. This is a plus for us. If we prevail , we talked to our team , even if we can get six . Today kids really wanted to , they fought the good fight . Few of us in the audience supported us though was fine. They played with heart. I congratulate lives of children . We will see in front of us right now. This two-week intervals also will consider very good. I trust many children. This call also will consider the best way . Manisaspor to get better , \"he said .
Orduspor WALL Photo Orduspor Technical Director Menduh Saplings, \"As you know we began the task as a team on Friday . During this short time the team tried to motivate the best way . There's no way to do many great things already . This is really the end of the game in the beginning of good days and bad days and wish for Orduspor We want to start well . Refer to the overall game as well as I think we really played well . Positions who have given us a set of images which dominated the ball. But we had a goal in a tangible result of the ball. We made it necessary to remove variations but have not succeeded. We got a call . Orduspor'un the best way to evaluate this call we want to bring back the good times , \"he said .

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