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  • 13 Kasım 2014, Perşembe 11:03

Manufacturer Market Established in Urla

Manufacturer Market Established in Urla
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Urlal for manufacturers by being planned in Urla Urla Municipality was held meetings with producers and market stallholders are .

İzmir news: Photo of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality supports with which decisions are made about manufacturer market will be established and Urla Mayor at the meeting Sibel Warn led by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department Ziya rye and Rural Development Branch Manager Azmi about the market to be established Akbaytürk gave information . Stating that they consider making production with waist products in certain regions of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department Ziya Rye , \"we need to kooperatifleşme to meet easily with our product consumers. Organizing we will be more successful in the marketing of rural products ,\"he said .
\" OWN it will BRING tHE PRODUCT PRODUCTION \"Photo Product range for producers market will be large , the protocol will be signed by the manufacturer . Manufacturer's just the Rural Development Division Director Azmi indicating that brought to market the products produced by itself Akbaytürk \"We also correctly breed of products as the Department of Agricultural Services , care, protection, what products we will support you in matters can grow . Our project is a project that we can consume local produce and locally. This we will carry out good agricultural practices in the products we produce with the project , \"he said .
will be an example to İzmir and Turkey said a manufacturer markets they want to establish url Mayor Sibel warned , \"Our goal is to consume safe products that grow our manufacturers in Urla together. Both manufacturers we win , we want both you consume our people healthy products. not sell the one field , young people are producing with their families not to go to earn money on out ,\"he said.


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