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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 10:55

Many of the new immigrants who came to Germany on social assistance

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Trying to find a job in the first place visitors from Germany, Bulgaria and Romania, but many of them earn their living, then announced that she was unemployed and on welfare.

Federal Employment Agency (BA), according to the Romanian citizens after 2011 the number of employed in Germany rose by 15 percent to 82 thousand. Romanian citizens receiving social assistance increased by 57 percent while it was 17 thousand. The number of Bulgarian citizens working in the country increased by 46 per cent 34 thousand. The Federal Employment Agency, the Eastern European countries 132'lik percent increase among those on welfare thugs who announced approaching 19 thousand people.

of Spanish and Greek HIGHER EMPLOYMENT

Germany 'or citizens of Romania and Bulgaria are not the only people who flock. Spain and Greece in the Eurozone countries struggling with the economic crisis, many people are coming to Germany to work. However, employment in the job market better than the Spanish and Greeks. Greeks came to Germany after the economic crisis that began in January 2010, 26.1 percent of Greek citizens working in the field of social assistance increased by 18 per cent to 38 thousand people. Hispanics are employed in Germany increased by 35 per cent 51 thousand. Receiving social assistance increased by 41 percent in the number of Spanish was the 9 thousand 400.

European countries, Romania and Bulgaria, citizens will have the right to work freely in EU countries after 2014 live in fear of these figures will rise even further.

Many of the new immigrants who came to Germany on social assistance" comments for.


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