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  • 07 Kasım 2014, Cuma 09:33

Marble Female Eli Chg

Marble Female Eli Chg
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In Turkey, the number of women working in the marble sector is considered as one heavy duty handle increased day by day , work was admired perseverance of women workers in a marble factory in Denizli.

Denizli news: The number of women working in the marble sector
known as one of the heavy business in Turkey is increasing day by day . Heavy work for the applicant in the marble sector women workers to work harder still when men and women workers packing, working in jobs such as mosaics and selection. Factory because of intense sound from wearing headphones , working all areas of the perseverance of the security measures appreciated by women workers , factory owners . Business , wearing their gloves in the security context and the women workers continue to work in perfect harmony , according to women's old says he walked to work in more marble industry. Working in a marble factory in Photo Denizli Angels Çelen is women workers , \"really wanting to work marble sector also not a difficult profession. in this sector there are places difficult according to their own area . But women have to overcome that even though job. I worked in the textile industry before. However, the marble sector seems to me more comfortable . women come very comfortable handle this job. Men as a profession no longer occur . than men in this business does better ,''he said. Noting that a party be afraid of working in a Photo Marble sector Angels Çelen , said:\"men work areas are more difficult. Areas where women and men are not given to hard work. If our women as it is given and what they can do business . While at our all safety precautions are taken . Our headsets, we do our work gloves and mask our plugging job .''Photo Denizli , the owner of the 300 people working as marble quarry Mehmet Eyüpoğlu , factory 300 people that work and said it was the woman of 140 of these individuals . Eyüpoğlu stating that in recent years worked in more marble sector women workers , he continued as follows:\"Our plant is 50 per cent of working women . We're getting higher yield compared to men of our female employees. Our female workers formerly it was not so much . At the point where the industry in recent years we have 7 we had difficulty finding years ago workers. Then we decided to take women workers and we started . we have seen since we started this business with women becoming more efficient . women's our not for heavy duty packaging, we evaluate in areas such as mosaics and selection. female employees not suppose labor from African countries We could have had to import .''

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