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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:04

Mardin Muslim Brotherhood of Peoples'Conference

Mardin Muslim Brotherhood of Peoples'Conference
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Invitation Fellowship Foundation in Mardin and Mardin Representation by'Muslim Brotherhood of Peoples'conference was held .

Mardin news: Photo Provincial Mufti of the conference held at the conference hall , and the Fellowship Foundation Chairman Recep Songül Invite , Invite and the Fellowship Foundation Mardin Representative Mehmet Akbas , theologian Muhammad Özkılınç and invitees . Conference began with the recitation of the Holy Koran , continued with cinevision representation. The welcome speech of the conference invitation and did Mardin Fellowship Foundation Representative Mehmet Akbas . Following the opening speech Foundation Chairman Recep Songül said that believers should continue and the peace process feel that they are brothers . The Photo theologian Muhammad Özkılınç , stating that the dry words of fraternity law, \"when we realize the Brotherhood will change the state of the world. Brotherhood of when we realize Mardin, Kurdistan , Turkistan , Arabia and the universe will change. that's why dwell on the brotherhood and we need to remove elements among us who undermined the brotherhood , \"he said . Özkılınç indicating that you have today with Nimrod of the Photo History is no difference between Nimrod , the 90 percent of the world's energy resources'I said that was doomed to poverty despite being in the presence of Muslims in Islamic world.
conference ended after mutual questions and answers .

Mardin Muslim Brotherhood of Peoples'Conference" comments for.


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