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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 04 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 10:00

Mardin was in the mosque Bayramlaşma

Mardin was in the mosque Bayramlaşma
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Mardin , who flock to the mosque for Eid prayers , after the prayer was holy .

Mardin news:
Eid al-Adha with zeal began dawning of the day . In the districts of Mardin and the early morning Eid prayer in the mosque everyone flocked to the small to large . Mardin Ulu Mosque, Fuat Oiler Mosque, Kuba Mosque, Nusaybin Abidin Mosque, Sheikh Rashid Mosque, the largest mosque in the early hours of the morning in a short period has expired. Made after the Eid prayer sermon was given . Given sermon resentment and bitterness to overcome these days an opportunity drawing attention , \"Eid al-Adha in the days eda we have our religion the most important worship one of the pilgrimage and sacrifice we in terms of many meanings and messages are . Everything before the pilgrimage , unity, and unity is an indication . Victims are us , the religion with Allah alone own , making him surrender and soul of our nurture the human race from the blood drainage to the symbol in the language represents . these two worship is conducted Eid al-Adha days for us a very powerful , versatile , and very significantly its own message every year is announcing . Sacrifice Feast on one side to the other , one side of this world , a face to the past , a face to the future . Eid al-Adha , the Prophet Abraham. from the date in which direction the social aspect and yummy we constantly nurture our future to build a feature we both our Lord , our brothers and sisters as well as all of humanity closer to the believers will continue to be . Victims , is an expression of submission to God . Today, however, focus on the need to respect , surrender our how our Lord directs DUğUmUzdUr \"the statement said .
Sermon after citizens with each other bayramlaştı . Mosque in the celebrations this time after cemeteries path was kept . They lost their relatives visiting citizens, near the graves of their head for a long time to pray and they Yasin It was observed that read-Sharif . Cemetery to visit relatives was passed after the visit . relatives after visiting the victims had to be cut and will be distributed to the poor .

Mardin was in the mosque Bayramlaşma" comments for.


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