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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 13:23

Market Supervision , Inspection and Product Safety Review Board 3 Meeting

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Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci last year, related party organizations audited total number of items is increased by 53 percent compared to the previous year 118 thousand 724 and said that 12 percent of these products are unsuitable and unsafe.

Ankara news: Photo Market Surveillance , Inspection and Product Safety Review Board 3 Meeting, the Ministry of Economy was held at the Conference Hall Ugur Ercan . Economy Minister Nihat Zeybekci Meeting , Science, Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light and Food, Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mehdi Eker also attended . Ministers Zeybekci made ​​the opening speech of the meeting , stating that it is a matter of everyone alive of product safety day , \"Product safety is a topic of interest mainly in daily life all of us. In fact, we use the food we consume telephone , wear our their toys our children's shoes, the elevators we ride from home in our electrical equipment manufacturing the necessary medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment of the necessary machinery for industry, can bring serious risks and threats in to fuel the vehicles of construction materials in almost every field , but met our needs the products placed on the market if they have not produced according to certain standards and technical norms together . human health , especially their products therefore life and property in a manner that will ensure the safety of placing on the market produced according to the rules , in other words'product security'to ensure the requirements are extremely important. to oversee compliance with the relevant technical regulations Indeed products nonconforming and take the necessary measures for the products identified an essential public service. These services in our country , we do PGD meeting the current and Product Safety Assessment is carried out by the Council of Ministries and institutions located . The amount of products placed on the market by increasing safety awareness among the public and increases in the kinds of products , the products are more effective supervision and control system makes it strong and needed to be converted to a structure deterrent . In fact, our country, our product safety area began joining the Customs Union structural transformation . Decision to join the Customs Union , although it is open to discussion period in terms of the accepted conditions led to a very significant contribution in the area of ​​product safety . Ministry coordination conducted the EU technical legislation, harmonization efforts result in legislation of new regulations in the advanced countries are in a similar standardization , accreditation, metrology and conformity assessment , namely the creation of quality infrastructure system, also has begun to market surveillance and monitoring applications . The main objective of structural transformation , used or consumed by our people to ensure the product is safe ; so that human health is to protect the life and property safety , \"he said .
export in product safety oriented approach and the Minister Zeybekci Referring to the reflection economy , \"our products due to the contribution to be more preferred in foreign markets , product safety and control applications in our country is extremely important in terms of increasing exports. Moreover, nowadays increasingly growth of world trade , trade is no longer limits recognition of and increasingly security export the product along with the difficult conditions of competition-based approach , in other words to prevent trade in technology have begun to come more to the fore. As you know, Turkey's economy great strides in the last 12 years took place . Examples of the world , we have become a nation, a result of our successful work carried out in many areas of Europe today , the 6th, we were also the world's 17th largest economy . We are continuing our efforts to work for a world trade with a voice in Turkey . 500 billion worth of goods for the year 2023 , we have $ 150 billion export target services . The way to increase our exports must pass from producing more . But I also just tried to emphasize another point must also not be overlooked . Now, international trade is changing, cheaper to produce more goods instead of producing safe products to protect the country brand image , it becomes important to increase the added value of export products with high . This product is easier to be able to enter freely without any technical obstacle to foreign markets. Thus, higher quality and safer products production, is important for sustainable export growth , \"he said.
Market surveillance and evaluating audit results Zeybekci , \"In the year 2013 Science, Industry and Technology, Ministry of Labour and Social Security , Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Urbanism , customs and Ministry of Commerce , Ministry of Health , according to data provided by Maritime Transport and Communications Ministry of Information Technology and in some party product by the Communications Authority, the institutions audited total product increased by 53 per cent compared to the previous year, the number of parties 118 thousand 724 was and the audit results yüzde12'have been found unsuitable unsafe. Audited total batch, according to the origin of 63 percent of domestic production , the remaining 37 per cent is the import origin. The rate of unsafe imported products there is 14 percent. According to the data the first 6 months of 2014 , 69 thousand 591 organizations controlled by the same party products identified in conformity, insecurity rate rose to 25 percent . Food , according to data from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock of 2013 , primarily'food and food contact substances and materials'in the domestic market , including imports and a total of 134 thousand 601 items inspected party ; 4 percent of them impropriety , has identified insecurity. In the first half of this year, 46 thousand 221 items audited , in about 5 percent of them were found unsuitable or unsafe. I would like to accentuate it at this point , control in highly inappropriate , detecting unsafe products , the majority of products on the market are unsafe and should not be construed as inappropriate. The height of this ratio , the control made ​​by our PGD organizations demonstrate its success in identifying problematic products, \"he said. Photo Ministers Zeybekci , his speech continued:Photo \"to be imported as is you may well know the desired products are well inspected before entry to our country and control in our ministry important has played a role in our ministry already telecommunication products , toys, shoes, personal protective equipment, building materials, batteries and accumulators , medical devices , machinery, engages in the import control of various industrial intermediate inputs by product groups, such as electric-electronic devices. 7 Ministry also controls coordination for imports of some product groups involved in our organization are provided. Ministry made ​​the import control operations are carried out through the Tareks risk-based system. Our country and the best public project awards in the company number is already registered with the Tareks system in Europe has exceeded 30 thousand. Tareks subject to effective oversight over the year from 2.2 percent in 2013 163 thousand products , January-October period of 2014 does not comply with the technical regulations of 2.4 percent from 160 thousand items or were not allowed to import on the grounds that it is unsafe . Import control on market surveillance and control compared to less improper/unsafe products cause of detection , the controls on the market company, product, brand and complaints focused more flexible stems can be planned . This once again demonstrates the importance of strategic planning in control. \"Photo Product Safety and Technical Regulations Act that Zeybekci noted that completion of the study, \"is to update the country in our product safety and market surveillance legislation framework for strengthening the system. As is known, the Preparation of the Technical Legislation on Products and Implementation Act 4703 came into force in 2002 . During the intervening time, consumer expectations and changed the structure of the market ; advanced production techniques , increased product variety and there have been changes in the basis we receive EU legislation. Our Ministry has prepared a draft law having consulted all our authority. When I came to work substantially completed the'Product Safety and Technical Regulations Act'I gave the instructions to work together with all parties concerned of the draft once again . Currently this work has been completed and is now in draft stage to the delivery of the Prime Minister . This is one of the major innovations brought the draft is arranged traceability of the companies in the supply chain of products. According to this arrangement , each business located in the supply chain shall keep a record of the information from a previous operation . Thus, from an unknown source products to be eliminated from the system and the community will feel more confident in herself . Manufacturers , authorized representatives , importers and that in many developed countries to clarify the responsibility of our distributors and through mandatory recall of unsafe products reaching the consumer's hands will still regulated by this law. The new law broadens the scope of market surveillance and control, and the only product on the market while being placed on the market or not installed during the installation phase and even brings his judgment may also be inspected. Served on the audit product of the authorities , powers and responsibilities are strengthened in the new law , \"he said .
\" 81 Provincial Directorate has employed 700 With over AUDITOR PRODUCT SAFETY INSPECTION WE DO \"Photo Science , Industry and Technology Minister Intellectual Light , \"Ministry PGD activities, only established for audit activities'Industrial Safety and control General Directorate of Metrology and Standardization Directorate General'are employed in our 81 Provincial Directorate in coordination 700'we do love u with the product safety inspection inspector. Elevators in the area of ​​responsibility of the Ministry , aerosol containers , ATEX products, pressure equipment , electrical equipment, gas appliances , boilers, machinery , automotive, explosives for civil uses . In the product group 571 thousand industrial products , legal metrology , pre-packaged products, petroleum and petroleum products , while product group is located more than 900 products . Will be addressed in the activities we performed in 2014 ; We explained Industrial Safety and Control Strategy Action Plan in October. Defining the next 4 years and PGD activities scheduled in the Action Plan have identified 38 actions under four main objectives. Market surveillance and control applications that will be enabled. Administrative and technical capacity will be increased . Ways to collaborate with the side to be developed. To create awareness among the public on product safety . In short, the important targets situated in November Alone Product Safety Complaint Hotline will put into operation in the 130 this month. We will post our public spotu . Industrial gas cylinders and we will install elevator monitoring system by utilizing the technology of group risk products , we will accelerate activities with emphasis on the voluntary recall . Every year we organize product safety week . We will provide awareness occurring in product safety in public , \"he said .
\" 61 THOUSAND 398 DIFFERENT MODELS IN INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS was INSPECT \"Minister explaining the data on audits Photo in 2014. Light, \"Industrial Product Safety General Directorate total of 61 thousand 398 has been checked by industry products in different models . Of these, 11 thousand 257 was found unsuitable , was sent to 791 different products tested , 44 different brands , has decided to confiscate about the model. 3 thousand 208 units given time to rectify the non-compliance of the product and detected a total of 2 million 196 thousand 586 TL administrative fines for non-compliance were applied. Non-compliance rate with the maximum product group elevator 42.41 percent and 25.16 percent was ATEX products . The average ratio of non-conformities in the audited product is 18.33 percent. Detected and determined by the legislation of insecurity with regard to posting processes completed 73 units of the product were announced at the General Directorate website. 900 Metrology and Standardization in the field of legal metrology is supervised by the General Directorate total of 114 thousand 114 items including inappropriate. Inappropriate as to identify the product 823 thousand 351 TL fine cut . 2 thousand 475 products in prepackaged products audited , 281 of them came inappropriate. 15 thousand 507 items were checked in oil and oil products. Criminal sanctions for violation of the legislation to identify the product , is given by EMRA. This audit , as well as industrial and medical gas cylinders, we conduct retread tire and control projects in energy efficiency . In addition, these controls more effective way to do that and at the end of November to strengthen our infrastructure audit staff will perform the exam , \"he said.
\" TELEVISION in PUBLICATIONS DONE FOOD PROMOTION OR ADVERTISEMENT NAME UNDER the CONTROL tHEIR VERY DIFFICULT \"Photo Food , the Agriculture and Livestock Minister Mehdi Eker , would be discussed at the meeting of the 2015-2017 year strategy document and stating that adjudicated , \"not the people they live latitude and longitude in geography, another of the world every season of the year wants to buy the products produced elsewhere . This need durable consumer goods , foodstuffs should be disrupted such terms . So also extremely significant. Foodstuffs, substances that come into contact with food and feed ingredients , fertilizers, plant protection products and veterinary medicinal products, all of our intact . Especially because we know that food alone is not sufficient as a control mechanism consists of a final product . Since 2004 we are taking it a chain. One chain to be controlled from a place , need to be followed. We will address the issue of the scope of this whole chain. Keeping it at the forefront of consumer health , 5 thousand people are working directly in the field continuously . Back in supporting these processes the samples taken , there are 25 thousand people who analyze them. Total Food , Agriculture and Livestock Ministry to produce 30 thousand personnel only reliable food in terms of public health, to ensure is tasked with supplying and offer to follow these 4 steps. Total about his food that our friends in the year 2013. The number of audit 514 thousand . This year, as of October 2014 was 475 thousand in total control. Incoming calls to the food line there ALONE 1 million 293 thousand 174 , 250 thousand of complaints recorded it. In the next stage of their information technology , marketing tools now need to establish new mechanisms by relevant here , I need to make new arrangements. Television broadcasts are made in the presentation of the food or advertising under the name. These are quite difficult to be checked, we are sure to find them suitable control mechanisms. Perishable materials , you receive perishable foodstuffs, especially with products that you consume in a few days . A durable non-food product called the legislation that it is not in the same regulation of non-perishable items , you have to always be differentiated . We must pay attention to it . Honey is being done in television commercials , introductions are made for hours . Many of these problems are happening . We've got to fight more effectively combat them effectively in many ways . The market for audit observation , in our strategy document in the decisions of this board is to be considered in this regard. We use at home is not like any electrical appliance or mechanical device, it must be the promotion, implementation of food items in different deposits made ​​in the ads , they should be separated from each other . Knowledge and technology , marketing, all these I have no objection to him to do. But making them especially in the open could lead to abuse-related foodstuffs necessarily closure, should be avoided , \"he said .

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