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  • 05 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 14:19

Marmarabirlik Products Announces Purchase Prices

Marmarabirlik Products Announces Purchase Prices
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This year's olive harvest early maturation and experienced due to low intake campaign started on 22 October Marmarabirlik announced its product prices.

Bursa news: Photo Accordingly Marmarabirlik year 2014/2015 campaign in the ceiling of the product purchase price 7. £ 00 . In determining , for the base price of 410 grain and decided as per 1.80 . The peak for oil was determined as 1.5 TL. Photo Marmarabirlik Chairman Hidamet Asa, continuing the delivered product quantity by far the partners in product purchase 2 million stating that 300 thousand pounds , \"the cause of deliveries made without prices they need to Marmarabirlik our partners is trust. Prices are as ceiling 180 grain 7:00 £ 190 grain products 6.60 per base 410 grain 1. $ 80 peak was identified as oilseed 1.5 TL. was determined in the payment schedule on the Union's product intake. Accordingly, Marmarabirlik's 180-190 grain and the price of oilseed products 15-day payment schedule of all cash payable within . the rest of the cash , 60 percent of purchases made in other caliber will be determined after the campaign ends , \"he said .
180 DANEL pRODUCT pURCHASES tO BE Photo Asa President said that this year Turkey and the region at harvest losses experienced , \"Coarse-grained product must not be too much and because of the generally 170-190 grain products to the demands of the private sector representatives Marmarabirlik stocks also considering the 180 grain to be made of the product purchase was decided . So far, around 190 610 tonnes of grain products were taken . Wednesday November 5, 2014 in order to protect the rights of our delivery partners who had made the difference in price will be given until the evening cf. 0:20 , \"he said .

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