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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 11:55

Marmaray gave his brother a date for

Marmaray gave his brother a date for
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Transportation Minister Yıldırım, Marmaray project is more than a sister, it also opened in 2015, he said.


bridge said he went as planned, everything pertaining to the Lightning, Marmaray 'a sister than a project done, he or she would be completed in 2015. Answering questions on NTV, Lightning, Ankara metro, gave the history on.


"2023 goals in 2009, there was introduced , Will there be new projects to be added to them the question of"Lightning,"the main goal of Transport Council's transport objectives put forward. despite the crisis, Turkey is the only country in almost started large projects. a lot size of projects launched by Turkey. Example Marmaray project, Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train, three airports, etc. 3 bridge project goes like this ..." has said.


Lightning 3 Sticky Thread about the bridge"as it is known on 3rd bridge foundation stone was laid on May 29, work is proceeding as planned. Anatolia and the European side of the bridge, and made their feet. feet began to rise. became clear a track will continue after the bridge. There was a notice that the satellite began to appear in the press last. nutshell the project is going as planned, and even to some extent going ahead. 2 years, plus ways to bridge a world record, this is a huge achievement. Anam you do not have a more compaction,"he said.


Lightning gave information about Marmaray tube tunnel is described as brothers. Lightning,"Marmaray rail project, linking Western Europe to the Far East kıtalaraarası project. Onda nearing an end. Kazlicesme of 29 October, the European side of the opening Ayrılıkçeşme Anadou side. Tube passage, the other a project immediately to its south. There is a passage of the tube into the port of Haydarpasa Seraglio. This tube is called the passage of Marmaray project brother. 2015 we will open the gateway to the end of the tube. Marmaray review consists of two box-like, the arrival of an airport . bottomed walkway tube top, from the bottom, there is guidance from the top are coming.

today number 1 in Istanbul traffic. Both these 2 as well as the Marmaray tube tunnel will contribute to ease the traffic in Istanbul,"he said.

Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train

Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train is a difficult project that projesisinin Sticky Thread"about the soil has some difficulties. them, if we solve the end of the year they will also be opened" he said.


Lightning on the work of the metro in Ankara, Ankara"was on the agenda for a long time known subways. most recent arrangement of our laws are now the municipality, Mr. Başbakanı'mız these metros was carried out by the Ministry copied to the appropriate. We did not work I started 2 years, residents in the istityor to realize, a moment ago. extraordinary endeavor to speed. 3 lines taken over. Kecioren Tandon and Red Crescent will take some time, there is very little work had been made, it is Towards the end of 2014 will be. Çayyolu Batıkent, Xinjiang aim to finish towards the end of this year,"he said.

Sticky Thread Sticky


Lightning,"such as the preparation of the law have bags, there are preparations for the Internet, such as new definitions of crimes, what stage?"to the question"when Parliament is true that in this respect there is a kind of preparation, This will bring up the law. most important issue in this law, thriving on the internet. developed Internet 10 times. drug, such as Internet. Internet at the same time as poison. Every good thing has a downside as well. That's why I use the free use of the internet more and more common, it is one is the legal passage areas. legal infrastructure does not exist. around the world does not exist. naısl will overcome the grievances of here? will create a framework, we need to define. Embody is the spot. Sizina opening an account with one name, doing all sorts of insults, and then you realize . 'hesabını'diyorsunuz Now, I do not habeirm he says. goal in this and other similar events of this arrangement is correct. rules and rules to be followed by those operating outside of Turkey against our country, includes measures,"he replied.

Marmaray gave his brother a date for" comments for.


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