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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 12:07

Marriage Municipal School şahinbey

Marriage Municipal School şahinbey
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Sanko Holding Honorary Chairman Abdulkadir Konukoglu happy, healthy and peaceful families to educate their children , said it would be the architect of Turkey's future.

Gaziantep news: Photo Şahinbey Municipality \"Marriage School\"giving certificates to couples who participated in the project who attended the ceremony marking Konukoglu shared their wedding experience. Photo Sahinbey Governor Selami Aydin and Mayor Mehmet at the ceremony Tahmazoğlu also attended , gained from 48 years of marriage Konukoglu describing their experiences , Marriage School celebrated its President Tahmazoğlu due to the Project. Photo the words \"Happy marriage formula simply'obey , could be described as comfortable with'. But of course , it's not that simple ,\"said a witty parable begins with Konukoglu , said:Photo \"Happy family is happy society of the kernel. happy society is strong , prosperous and building blocks of a peaceful country . Everything starts in a happy family. happy marriage, love, esteem, to make sacrifices and empathically communication requires to establish . Photo Discussion families would not . However, you anger the longest time you exceed 3 hours . your mother , your father never mentioned the door , including one inside the place , you remain outside the door. Trust each other , one with the promise of moving in. Photo See each other's family as your own family , show the same love and respect . The groom's mother, father, daughter of the bride , the groom should look like the girl's mother, father, son. Girl mothers should not interfere with the home of their daughter , should be involved . \"Photo RECOMMENDATIONS Photo Konukoglu for marriage happy young couple found the following suggestions:Photo \"We unsuitable , do not look as flaws in every movement you do not like . See the positive aspects of your partner . Looking flawless human remains alone. People should look at himself before looking flawless . Knowing your own fault , do not look for flaws in others . Search whether to defect , cover your flaws .
Marriage is a way of friendship. Share in the success of the peace in the family environment is very large. Do not forget to look face to face. The first mention of the final say , never even say the last word. The breaking hearts . If you're not hurt at Pearl . Family unrest between mother and father are reflected directly toward children . No discussion of the children. Do not fight , do not say a bad word to each other and hammer . Is to lose a child between restlessness Photo spouses . Restless environment growing child predators , incompatible , problematic and fails. You then catch a genius happiness , that happiness does not capture the child easily . Your mother your angry memories , call your father and your brother , do not complain about each other. Then you'll be fine , they forget what they hear at that moment. Kaynana and kayınbab they , in the discussions on children should definitely not a party house . \"After the young couple also answered questions Konukoğlu the Photo Talk , Fatih Mayor presented a plaque of appreciation to Tahmazoğlu .


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