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  • 15 Aralık 2013, Pazar 12:31

Married with Turkey on the Kurdish Discrimination Author of doctors like slap Answer

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Dr. served in Diyarbakır.

Dr. served in Diyarbakır. Lokman and her husband, Dr. Baly. Lutfi, who Baly selected for nearly 10 years by building on the coexistence of different cultures and languages ​​alive.
Baly pair who are both doctors, breaking all stereotypes, living together for 10 years. Lütfiye Hatayli selected, while Lokman Baly Diyarbakir. One Turkish, the other doctors who are of Kurdish origin, dating from the time they see a doctor trained in the area began. The couple met in Diyarbakır then decided to merge their lives. Selected Luft, although Turkish Kurdish language, culture, literature, folklore and learned a lot more value in adopting. Baly pair, breaking all stereotypes, culture, bilingual and live together. Baly eight years of the couple have a daughter named Melisa Zehra. Melisa also can speak both Turkish and Kurdish, as well as two cultures living together.
Open Eye Disease Specialist explaining the philosophy of life. Dr.. Lokman Baly, partnerships with The life, the"different brush touches and different colors on a table imparted artistic value and beauty, different instruments and different note, good organization obtained with different melodic sounds harmony and harmony in concert to provide musical and artistic aesthetic, with different colors lined up different geometric stones compliance with the mosaic obtained in the natural and artistic harmony, different colors and flowers in a garden created eye-catching beauty and wealth such as; undoubtedly different languages, cultures, identities, colors, thoughts and beliefs a society and a country so the world side by side remain as far as enriches and beautifies"the words expressed.
become a developed country and advanced democracies to meet with prohibitionist mentality of giving up that tells Baly,"the language, culture, identity, expression and freedom of belief state does not break, and vice versa democratize the , liberates, enriching and most importantly the citizens to the state, respect, love and loyalty increases. social life how much of the differences included if life is so meaningful and valuable. Surely the differences of the countries mosaic, wealth, national wealth, power, strength, perceived as must be evaluated and In this context, the differences is to maintain, develop and move into the future state of the basic policies should be between. different identities, languages, cultures, colors, thoughts and beliefs perceived as richness, and in this context, all sectors of society recognized by the occurrence, internalization and socialization is important. In addition, empathy, tolerance, tolerance and reconciliation acceptance of diversity and internalized possible. Certainly some concepts, all sectors of society by the acceptance and internalization easy to not hence the concept of adoption and ignored may take some time. This is why these processes by the institutions must be managed and perception management and public planned and systematic flow of information must be provided with a project,"he said.
Civilizations and cultures, so our age, explaining that no harm to each other Lokman who Baly, but also to destroy each other, he said. Baly that,"Throughout history, cultures have always feed off each other was influenced each other, each other vaccines and enrich each other have. Civilizations and cultures of healthy dialogue, communication, interaction, and most importantly, social, local and global peace differences is to maintain, develop and move into the future too is of great importance. This is why differences of the cultural heritage should be considered an, experienced, developed, and future generations should be transferred. cultural heritage of humanity's common heritage and shared values ​​as to be realized. Anatolia multicultural, multi-lingual, multi-identity, multi-religious and multi-colored geography was. Surely multicultural, multi-lingual, multi-identity, multi-religious and multi-color properties of Anatolia characteristic was. this context Anatolian cultures throughout the history of human culture are the sources have. Unfortunately, in Anatolia, monocultural, one identity, one faith, and monochrome establish a state request for a century planned, designed, and in a systematic way is in progress. Unfortunately, existing tables Turkey all kinds of richness, diversity and beauty destroyed states. spite of everything, for nothing is never too late and nothing is impossible. So desperate not need and new relationships and dialogues waste your time just requires effort. corrupted and damaged relationships for the construction of new concepts and formats developed and new dialogues and new negotiations must realize. world is changing, society is changing, people are changing and microorganisms are changing. Surely changes and developments, with the stereotyped ideas and our thoughts will change and rational find a way I believe we will,"he said.
Internal Medicine Specialist uz.dr.lütfi Baly while the selected 10 years because of the tremendous satisfaction that live in Diyarbakir, explaining that during the period where the cult of the Kurdish language in and try to recognize said. With patients who speak Kurdish told Baly selected, diverse, rich, multicultural stated that they lived in a marriage. Baly, the"Our ancestors Malazgirt war, the War of Independence and Cyprus in the Battle of the same dreams, the same dreams, the same goals and the same interests in line did not fight me? Front in embraced martyrdom or Do not they? Same fate and dreams did not share me? Kurdish people and the Turkish people for over 1000 years sister and brother do not live in me? Then this artificial separation and polarization What is our history and our past time to face did not come? existing and known realities confront and helalleşme time did not come? Or all the sensory organs of our external relation with the world and the connection will cut or region and confronting realities of the world will follow rational and real way,"he said.
himself and his family before coming to the region of Diyarbakir against indicating that a pre-judgments, Lütfiye Baly selected the region when it comes to Kurdish culture, language, way of life after learning that prejudice expressed broken. Dr.. Baly, the"Pre-judgment of the cognitive, emotional and behavioral aspects are. Moreover prejudices bio psikososyolojik ways to examine and discuss needs. Prejudice the most extreme and outrageous points of hate crimes and genocide, sociological segregation and polarization causes. Prejudice to reduce the most reliable way Certainly,'' they'' s the'' we'' s to incorporate into is. example, two groups or communities not across different similarities to emphasize, or common dreams and purposes together at work also in groups and communities healthy dialogue between communication and providing social interaction and most importantly, empathy, prejudice decreases. empathy with as we approach other cultures and then in culture against people living much more calm and discreet way we approach. their own culture, our language and our religion for us how meaningful and accountable to the people of other cultures, languages, and religion also for it's members so valuable and meaningful noticed by now that we should and must respect. these perceptions of all sections of society by the internalization and socialization should be. Additionally, training and perception management and informing the public and raising awareness of the social, democratic and legal framework of the state judges to render society between the jealousy and competition abrogating empathy, reconciliation, love, respect, tolerance and tolerance prevail with all forms of discrimination and prejudice can get ahead,"he said.
Baly couples, social communication and interaction, without dialogue, joint way of life can not be so Kurds, learned Turkish as all Turks, the Kurdish language and culture learning, suggesting told me :"S our results as; different languages, cultures, identities, colors, thoughts and beliefs of a society and a country so the world enrich and beautify the community by all segments of being perceived need. In this context, the perception that all institutions by the internalization and socialization is important. Also empathy, tolerance, tolerance and reconciliation of differences accepted and internalized possible. Nevertheless, common ground lead disconnect us together can zoom in, our lives will facilitate the similarities arise, but all forms of discrimination and prejudices can get ahead. Surely the ethical, social values ​​and norms in terms of all kinds discrimination and prejudice Lack believe that you need. Therefore, this perception and all forms of discrimination and prejudices have passed, and this perception and prejudice in destroying the most important step I think it was. Additionally discrimination and prejudice in order to reduce corporate relations system planned, designed, systematic and strategies must work. Surely the correct and timely perception management is of great importance too."

Married with Turkey on the Kurdish Discrimination Author of doctors like slap Answer" comments for.


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