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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 21 Aralık 2013, Cumartesi 16:14

Martyrs and Veterans Association Debate on Corruption

Martyrs and Veterans Association Debate on Corruption
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Turkey Malulü War Veterans Association of Martyrs' Widows and Orphans Giresun Branch Extraordinary Congress was held in the shadow of corruption debate.

Giresun news: Turkey Malulü Veterans Martyrs' Widows and Orphans Association Giresun Branch Extraordinary Congress, corruption debate in the shade was made.
The Association's former management 35 by collecting signatures to headquarters at the request of an extraordinary meeting of the congress, debate in the shade was made. Yalçın Cakir his chairmanship at the congress and killed his father killed his mother Zehra Sensoy two lists headed by Kemal sailors competed. The attention of the Turkish flag take place between the parties before congress debates have spoken up to insult. Council Chairman Yalcin Cakir, associations under the umbrella of everyone suffering brought together an emphasis on winning, the loser of each other well celebration should be stated.
In Congress annual report, who spoke on the current Association President Kemal Sailor's former management"money meal"la There has been fierce debate on charges. Court that the parties had difficulty in calming the congress, the annual report was passed to the selection of Acquittal.
Result of the election of the 122 members, 72 voting. Kemal led a list of 40 sailors, Zehra Sensoy's list of 30 votes, while two votes were declared invalid.

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