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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 15:04

Martyrs Cem-Dilay Kerman Double , 3rd orienteering race was called,

Martyrs Cem-Dilay Kerman Double , 3rd orienteering race was called,
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Commissioners who were killed in Tunceli in 2011 Edirne Cem Kerman Kerman and teachers Dilay memory of his wife , held this year on 3rd'Cem-Dilay Kerman 3.'ünc Orienteering Race'was held .

Edirne news:
Edirne City in the Forest in the race , martyrs Cem Kerman mother Gülsen Kerman father and Ercan Kerman with the attendance , while supporting Orienteering Edirne Province Representative Ahmed Anik , Police College recently graduated from the young cops and students attended . < br/> Competitions pre journalists answering questions Orienteering Federation Edirne representative Ahmed Anik in 2011, Tunceli, who were killed in Kerman double commemorate held their organizations each year will continue , said:\"Today we Cem and Dilay Kerman gathered for . 3rd them once to commemorate this race are organizing . these races each year, traditionally the making will continue . them the moment we forget, we'll show you , \"he said .
Orienteering sport provided information about Anik ,\"orienteering , map and compass help in the area placed a real find targets sports . running , bike or ski has the kind . Athletes objectives marked on the map given to them as soon as they enter the area to find , navigate and they come to the end . As a result of the swift degree is put into service , \"he said.
The other hand, in 2011 in Tunceli , PKK terrorists astroturf football match on the police who opened fire, died after a 30-year-old commissioner Cem Kerman and at the same age teacher wife Dilay Kerman in the sport for many years and was also closely involved with the sport orienteering orienteering that were reported.

Martyrs Cem-Dilay Kerman Double , 3rd orienteering race was called," comments for.


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