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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 19:19

Masjid martyr martyrdom to his father Yerköy

Masjid martyr martyrdom to his father Yerköy
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With mosque built by his father killed in Yozgat Yerköy cemetery fountain and the entrance door was opened with a ceremony .

Yozgat news: Photo Yerköy Governor Abdulkadir a ceremony at the cemetery printer , Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Colonel Selcuk Yildirim, Yerköy Governor Nevzat Sengoku , Mufti Ahmed Poçanoğl , Chairman of the Association Yerköy Families of Martyrs Ahmed Kabir and martyrs joined relatives . In 2012 in Hakkari, Semdinli , separatist terror organization by the mines and then exploded during the passage of military convoy clash that killed Expert Infantry Sergeant Ibrahim Yildiz on behalf of his father mosque built by Halil Stars , fountain and was opening the gate arrangement. Speaking the Governor printer at startup, always state in this land , depending on the country and nation , stating that the flag and the ancestors that respect people's lives, \"In fact, while the reason for the higher number of martyrs of our region by performing tasks that our brothers , the state and the flag of love, forward because of their loyalty to their country stems from the disposal . yerköylü in this fight if you have a fight , Yozgat our countrymen always takes place in the forefront , \"he said .
Turkish nation is different from the importance of the tomb for , especially emphasizing that create a different spiritual environment of the martyrs tomb Governor printer,\"martyrs of our father , on behalf of his son, said he wanted to build a mosque in the Yerköy martyrdom . We welcomed the request in . whether benefit from here the spiritual environment when we came to the cemetary will be really very different to prayed there . faith and belief is just an exchange between the heart and Allah . O places where shopping is just as powerful alarm here . Our people here take the ablution , prayer Ignorance , will the prayer. I thought this beautiful father killed because of this opportunity , I want to thank my dear brother . State as we will always be in addition to the martyrs and their families , \"he said .
Near Governor Printer martyr After the speech and the guests made ​​the afternoon prayer in the mosque . After prayer was offered to the Ashura . Then visiting 17 Martyrs of the tomb lies at the Yerköy Martyrdom Governor Printer and prayed retinue .

Masjid martyr martyrdom to his father Yerköy" comments for.


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