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Maski Moving Services Hassle-free

Maski Moving Services Hassle-free
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Manisa Water and Sewerage Authority (MAS ) General Manager Assistant Mahmoud Bilgen, mask rev-has provided information about the delivery and collection operations .

Manisa news: Manisa Water and Sewerage Authority (MAS ) General Manager Assistant Mahmoud Bilgen, mask rev-has provided information about the delivery and collection operations . PTT and 13 banks in the center of Manisa with information indicating that an agreement on payments , continue to work for the smooth progress of all transactions , he said. Manisa is
metropolitan established about 2 months ago with the General Directorate of MAS , has accelerated its efforts . Agency's activities related to inform the MASKİ Executive Vice President Mahmut Bilge's \"MASKİ as two months to provide services began . These 2 months ago Yunusemre and Princes districts of our citizens living seamlessly water bills deposit are able to give . Centers all bank branches collection is doing. 13th one bank deal we did it the PTT included. Thereafter the first business Soma from the town began . Soma district collected nearly a month has passed July 15, since in Soma collection quickly , smoothly're doing . citizens to this day no complaint has not arrived . late last week, since the Akhisar district water collection MASKİ is done by , there is no encounter a problem , \"he said .
citizens MASKİ services an intense interest that the district coordination centers almost flocking collections built stating Bilgen, \"except he at first took over we Saruhanli , Kirkagac , Gordes then Ahmetli , Turgutlu , will continue as Salihli . Gordes and can be crossed at the same time forging . Coordination center of our building to be ready immediately following the takeover of our succession will accelerate. I believe and hope in the near future of Manisa in all districts of our citizens water bills cost seamlessly will pay , \"he said .
MASKİ with Active Bank of a special agreement had been made , adding that MAS the Executive Vice President Mahmoud Bilgen, \"Active Bank, all in Manisa provinces and districts to create pay points at 170 points , citizens minibus or bus ride from the town center easily from this point without going to the city center will be able to pay . Our desire is that way . In ancient times , especially with municipalities and village , now we call neighborhood post office branch of our citizens in these new settlements or payments to the points we provide good access and trouble-free deposit . Themselves without restraint and without fatigue need to invest their money . If they do that, we're happy . Because the bill on top when deposited amount will grow , overdue fines will consist of them that do not want , \"he said .
Citizens with the deficiencies at the point of the mask to notify the requested information ,\"any issue of our citizens directly you can call us , request information from us can be found in the . In particular, banks with problems related to the collection of our citizens have no hesitation in calling the mask and in particular we would like to inform mask . This handover is performed quickly , which helps us immensely to district municipalities , Mr. President , and we extend our gratitude to the employees . Seamless handover are doing to help us in this regard also would like to thank all our technical team . In the future, we will facilitate the people of Manisa , together with the point in paying more peaceful , more contemporary , more modern studies aim to capture the tempo and speed . You will live together , it will taste good working environment together Manisa . Our goal , \"he said .

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