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  • 17 Ocak 2014, Cuma 05:06

Mass Laboratory Opens in Yyü

Mass Laboratory Opens in Yyü
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Van Centenary College (University) completed the construction of 13 public opening was made in the laboratory.

Van news:  Van Centenary College (University) completed the construction of 13 public opening was made in the laboratory.
YY at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture completed the construction of 13 units of laboratory opening ribbon cutting YY Rector. Dr.. Peyami Battal, found later in a statement to the press. After the earthquake, all of the buildings to be strengthened while at the same unit of infrastructure and laboratory space renew stated that they Rector Battal,"In this context, Engineering and Architecture Faculty at the moment studying all sections of the students, nicer facilities got a boost. Universities both in our research facilities get both education and training opportunities to get in this sense is quite powerful we become. But of course it is not enough. these will further develop. Our students anywhere in the world that students no difference,"he said.
Faculty of Architecture Dean. Dr.. Ismail Sait Dogan, the provincial occurring after earthquakes in different locations, in different buildings with laboratories crashes down will bear them in any of the buildings that the expression,"approximately 7-8 months in process laboratories rehabilitated and primarily undergraduate education department, which our research and student application laboratories primarily including other parts of our present facilities to the extent of our faculty laboratories of the building can be done units also considering them in an appropriate manner've allocated. education and training activities to sustain our laboratory is very important,"he said.
ceremony, the Rector Battal and accompanying services by entering the to the tour of the lab ended.

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