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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 18:24

Matab Gunpowder President:"It will not close Matab"

Matab Gunpowder President:
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ANTALYA (dpa)-Manavgat Tourism Infrastructure Facilities Come on Environmental Protection and Management Association (MATAB) leader Recep gunpowder, from the General Directorate of Local Authorities of the Ministry of Interior that the closure of MaTaBaR said they received about the article.

Antalya news:
Manavgat Tourism Infrastructure Facilities Come on Environmental Protection and Management Association (MATAB) Ordinary Assembly Meeting was held at the Conference Hall MATSO bus station. MATSO Assembly Meeting President Recep Gunpowder, Gündogmus Mayor Mehmet Özer, the Ibradi Mayor Muharrem Kaya Manavgat, Vice Mayor Erşan Ozden, town mayors, village headmen and tourism attended.
Silence and the National Anthem began reading Speaking at the meeting President Recep gunpowder, and Ibradi Gündogmus MaTaBaR With the addition of the districts and that the closure would continue the legal personality would continue, he said. Interior Ministry's infrastructure troops MaTaBaR the example of President noted that the gunpowder,"Two months ago, a ministry we do in the protocol infrastructure associations situation came up. Us Ministry of Interior of Local Authorities from the Directorate General MaTaBaR closing that such writings have received. Protocol did so . Infrastructure troops should be kept alive by the authorities MATAB example is shown. Some preparations but currently is certain MATAB, Turkey's presence, which will maintain a single infrastructure is a union,"he said.
MaTaBaR for the survival of the biggest favor Ibradi and Gündogmus made of Municipalities President noted that the gunpowder, Gündogmus Mayor Mehmet Ozer and Ibradi Kumar thanked the Mayor of Muharram. His 3.5 years, carrying out these tasks noted gunpowder,"Manavgat Treatment deep discharge within 15 days of auctions would, he added. Structures Assembly meeting last regular Assembly meeting, stressed that the President of gunpowder,"on March 30 local elections will be held. Greater legal entity according to the Law of the villages and neighborhoods will be lifted. 40-member new parliament Manavgat, Ibradi and Gündogmus council to be determined by the members and tourism representatives will take place,"he said.
Agenda contained in MaTaBaR the various regions will have on infrastructure projects , potable water and sewer investments where the 2014 investment plan and work program by a majority vote has been accepted. Union's 2014 budget at £ 45 million respectively.
Assembly on the agenda of the 2014 drinking water tariffs during the discussion of the board of directors proposed by 7.88 percent inflation rate on increasing Manavgat Tourism Operators Association President (MASTOB) Cengiz Haydar Barut took the floor. Manavgat economy 90 percent dependent on tourism noted that the MASTOB President of gunpowder, matab'l especially Recep gunpowder during the presidency of studies he recalled. MATAB ' s promotional activities of the district thanked for his contribution to the gunpowder,"in order to bring tourists here, the environment is very important. Here Recep gunpowder period and environmental activities as well as promotional activities on behalf of the very best things we did,"he said.
In the world in tourism competition takes place noted MASTOB President of gunpowder,"We in the hoteliers as input our constantly increasing. Electricity, fuel, etc. They have no chance to intervene. But here's our situation in mind, from our Assembly water charges hike in the rate of 4 per cent done we want,"he said.
MATAB Assembly Cengiz Haydar Barut's proposal on water charges which will be held hike as 4 percent was determined.
Meeting of the termination Assembly members collectively MATAB then posed for a souvenir photo.

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