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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:38

Mature tto President:'Surplus Property Market Boz'

Mature tto President:'Surplus Property Market Boz'
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Food vendors who met with committee members, Chamber of Commerce President Abdulvahap bagged mature, emphasized the importance of partnerships , \"while establishing new business and municipalities should be given authority to room .

İzmir news: Needs exceed the new business market is disturbing , \"he said .
Bagged Chamber of Commerce ( TTO) 4 Profession Committee Located in the food and reselling of members involved in sectors related to listen to the problems and issues common to find solutions at the weekend Yusuf Usta Restaurant, a consultation meeting held . meeting, committee members full squad while attending TTO council members and board members are also participating. meeting's opening speech perform Melis President and at the same time 4 profession Committee is a member Erkan Aksoy, professional committees of the rooms of the building blocks is the same sector including representatives committee of the sectoral issues identified and solutions that are effective in voiced. TTO President Abdulvahap mature , competition conditions aggravated that the big stores across the mergers and partnerships that have become important was the emphasis .
INVESTMENT RATE , Everybody wins
Erkan Aksoy, after the speech of President of the Assembly , who spoke in a global world trade Mature Abdulvahap Chairman emphasized that the conditions were aggravated . Room studies with information on mature lyrics as follows continued:\"We as the room is always our members trouble with the mess, crc, the problems experienced in the sides became free. Done before the many case studies of members of their common problems contributing to the solution put . Today we have realized professional committee meetings with sectoral of identifying issues and solutions for the production are together . Occupation committee members and our preparatory work and sectoral your problems more or less what I know . most major shortage sectoral competition are experiencing . these difficulties to overcome to do the unity and solidarity in is to act . We form partnerships who have difficulty in're a society . But we should not forget , differences in the punishment , association mercy is. \"
authorized to
meeting and wishes in the section who spoke members , their common problem of chain stores everywhere expressed as opening branches affect them . The new office is being established Chamber , City Hall and the Chamber of Commerce to authorize the necessary emphasis Mature said:\"We bagged Chamber of Commerce authority as we want . Just in Europe as well as the same sector firms operating in each other's affairs will affect the distance the workplace should not . This especially for the food sector is valid . trading license given certain restrictions should be introduced. this topic municipalities and Chambers of Tradesmen to be empowered . a region doing the same work business to determine the number and its a limitation is important. Hence, existing businesses market share will not diminish . , but all of them before the partnership should be established . performing the same task with the merger of several workplace will reduce costs by creating an enormous circulation . \"

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