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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:48

Maximum production and delivery of lignite in

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Solid fuels were determined maximum production and deliveries take place in the production and delivery quantities of lignite in the July 2014.

İzmir news: Photo from Turkey Statistical Institute ( TSI), according to a statement , Considering the amount of solid fuel production in July of 2014 ; 5 million 83 thousand 641 tons of lignite , hard coal and 131 thousand 111 tons of coal , which is 385 thousand 876 tons of smell , and when we look at the delivery quantity ; lignite 5 million 100 thousand 775 tons of coal 2 million 435 thousand 766 tons, and the smell of coal stood at 433 thousand 318 tons was found . Photo Coverage Ratio was held at the LOWEST HARD COAL Photo Produced the ratio of the solid fuel deliveries took place at the lowest coal with 5.4 percent . While 99.7 percent of this rate was calculated as 89.1 percent in lignite coal smell .
The breakdown of solid fuel delivery according to location ; delivery of coal to thermal power plants 43.8 per cent , 21.9 per cent of the coke plant , 7 percent of the industry except for iron and steel, deliveries of lignite thermal power plants 91.4 percent , 5 percent , except iron and steel was performed in the art. The smell of coal 97.8 per cent were referred to the iron and steel industry.

Maximum production and delivery of lignite in" comments for.


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