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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 10:01

Mayor çerkezköy Akay, were students Refresh Row

Mayor çerkezköy Akay, were students Refresh Row
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Education continued to support the municipal district of Tekirdag Cerkezkoy depending on the order of 30 to 60 seats in the Atatürk Primary School was a gift.

Tekirdağ news:
Atatürk Primary School queue for renewal of the old municipalities that meet the demands of school administrators requesting Cerkezkoy Mayor Vahap Akay, as 30 teams gave Ataturk elementary school . Atatürk Primary School Deputy Director Ansar Bakanoğl , Cerkezkoy Mayor Vahap Akay a time before school , some classes as the former is difficult because of the use and renewal of the municipality as support, you want to be told.
Akay this request unconditional place stating Bakanoğl , the \"in our school years, our children sit the order in which certain classes of the former occurs due to the breakage occurred . Repairs also because of the difficulty municipalities us to our school as support making had demanded . Mayor Vahap Akay at our request displaced have found and our school 30 rows and 60 seats, consisting of 30 tools a row in support were found . Municipal our school to his new rankings now studying our students very excited about this. Mayor Vahap Akay our school have made the contribution and support due to thank you very much . President your future in this direction a little more expect support , we also want to say , \"he said .

Mayor çerkezköy Akay, were students Refresh Row" comments for.


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