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  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 13:51

Mayor çerkezköy champions from Akay Gold

Mayor çerkezköy champions from Akay Gold
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Depending on Tekirdag Cerkezkoy Mayor Vahap Akay, Turkey is the third Tekvandocu rewarded with gold .

Tekirdağ news: The Little
held on September 7-10 in Konya, Turkey Tekirdag Şampiyansı Taekwondo athletes representing Çerkezköyl won third place in men and women returned to Turkey . Turkey which is the third Samet Ayaz Kubra Kepenek Turkey and fifth with Maryam Ahmed , Turkey 6 with Gülsüm Ügey are attached, Fine Sports Club coach Bilal beautiful and Şampiyonsp Club coach Vural frosty with Cerkezkoy Mayor Vahap Akay was visited .
President Akay, champion athletes Cerkezkoy as well as Tekirdag also represented , said:\"Our district champion athletes come out , we are much more happy ., We always you're with . guys more in the future will be more successful athletes that once again this championship have shown . guys how proud we're small. guys Çerkezköy as well as our province to represent you and therefore all Tekirdag with you proud . you the European championships will be successful and your degree I hope you and your success throughout your life to continue wish you success because once congratulates and I congratulate , \"he said.
Fine Sports Club coach Bilal beautiful and Champions Sports Club coach Vural Ayazini , the visit of their speech, \"Turkey in the championship go to our contribution and provides support Mayor Vahap Akay, firstly thank you very much . This championship will return with the degree you promised . Here is today your face from the championship third in Turkey who obtained two athletes , and again in this championship Turkey 5 .and 6 athletes who together with our first visiting the euphoria , \"he said .
\" from 76 cities 2 thousand 300 athletes participated \"Little
Taekwondo Championship in Turkey from 76 cities reminiscent of a total of 2 thousand 300 athletes participated coaches, \"Competition was now quite enjoyable and exciting . Strong competitors against the strain despite the 11-12 age group in the competitions held in the tiny males 201 people between 33 pounds in the Champions Sports Club, our Samet Ayaz , 98 were among the 33 pounds tiny lady in the beautiful Sports Club, our Kubra Kepenek third in Turkey were . In addition, 104 people in the tiny Mrs. Maryam Ahmed and again from 5 115 people from Turkey Turkey 6 Kulthum was Ügey . We both our district at our sports club with six athletes have participated in this championship . Third, the athletes, the final competition in the first hijacked , \"he said .
President Akay, speeches, followed by Turkey which is the third Samet Ayaz and Kubra Kepenek one quarter in gold was a gift. Turkey 5th the Virgin Mary Ahmed and Turkey 6'ncısı the gülsüm the President also rewarded with a set of books Ügey Akay champion athletes, has promised to success in the next championship .

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